Night Rising

Night Rising is crew stationed in Southern Maryland.




"It's perfectly fair: I win, you don't."

~Riko's reply to, "That's not fair."

RikotheFoxKid is an American smasher. He is the founder and leader of Night Rising. He owns Melee, Brawl, and the Virtual Console version of the original. In all three, he is good as Captain Falcon. In Brawl, he mains Sonic, Captain Falcon, and Marth. Riko can be seen as a Master of Diversity, as he is able to use most characters (with few exceptions). Despite this, he does have ones that are his definite best.

Riko tends to use many characters in the lower tiers. The only two higher tier characters he uses frequently are Marth, Zero Suit Samus, and King Dedede.

He won the green Marth costume from TFJ in a mirror match. He was also the owner of the black Sonic costume before losing it to one of his friends. He reclaimed it a year later (ironically, one day before claiming the green Marth).

Under most conditions, his Brawl nametag is Riko. However, when he is using Ike, he uses the nametag FalKo. This is a reference to his friend (who currently lives in Japan), who was good as Ike and used the nametag Falcn.

Owned Colors

  • Dark Sonic
  • Green Marth
  • Blood Falcon
  • Dark Link
  • Purple (Big Gay Dance) King Dedede
  • Black Zero Suit Samus




~McSpanky right before ending the game in a No Contest

McSpanky is an American smasher. He mains Mr. Game & Watch, R.O.B., and Toon Link. He helped RikotheFoxKid create Night Rising.

McSpanky coined the term "Sandbag" within the crew, meaning to end the game in a No Contest. This is a reference to how playing as Sandbag through an Action Replay in Melee may freeze the game, causing you to restart.

Owned Colors

  • Black Game & Watch
  • Dark Toon Link
  • North American R.O.B.



"I was just warming up."

~TFJ whenever he loses

TFJ is an American smasher. He is infamous among his crew members for being incredibly good as Ganondorf. Despite the near-impossible disadvantage (0:100), his Ganondorf quite easily took down RikotheFoxKid's Ice Climbers.

Aside from Ganondorf, TFJ also uses Luigi and Marth, although he lost the green Marth costume in a mirror match against RikotheFoxKid.

He is the former owner of the green Marth within the crew, before losing it to RikotheFoxKid.

Owned Colors

  • WaLuigi
  • Old Manondorf



"Oh man!"

~Mhmm when something happens

MHMM is an American smasher. Within his crew, he is famous for being good as Yoshi. He is also good as Luigi and Diddy Kong, and has recently taken an interest in the Ice Climbers.

Owned Colors

  • Dark Blue Yoshi
  • White Climbers



"Revenge wears a dress!"

~Glassman-RV when countering with Peach

Glassman-RV is an American smasher. He mains Wolf and Peach, and occasionally uses Pikachu.

Owned Colors

  • Daisy
  • White Wolf
  • Goggles Pikachu



"You fight like a girl! I should know!"


Evalescia is an American smasher, and the only female in Night Rising. She mains Pit and Lucario, and uses Pikachu and Peach as alternates.

Despite not playing the game for very long, Evalescia is only slightly below the level of the other members of Night Rising.

She is RikotheFoxKid's girlfriend.

While most other members of Night Rising use a Gamecube controller, Evalescia uses the Classic Controller.

Owned Colors

  • Fallen Angel Pit
  • Gray Lucario

Tourettes Gamer



~Tourettes Gamer playing Bomberman Land Touch

Tourettes Gamer is an American Smasher. He mains Ike.

Unlike most other members, who use the Gamecube Controller, Tourettes Guy uses the Wiimote and Nunchuk.

Tourettes Gamer gained his name when playing Bomberman Land Touch. During the game, he would get extremely angry and yell obscenities whenever he was killed.

Owned Colors

  • Gold Ike

Color Ownership

Within the crew is color ownership among characters. This means that if a certain player is best with a respective character, a color is selected for that character and only they can use that color.

In example, within the crew, a green Marth denotes that that player is best with Marth out of all of them. Thus, only that player can use green Marth.

However, the player is not required to actually USE the colors.

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