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I am Ridly, Master of Meta Knight and just plain awesome with Kirby and Lucas. I am extremely annoying with shield dodges and I have an erratic attack pattern, and evil with a beam sword. I don't talk much, I mostly listen, and will fix any spelling and puncuation errors I find. I am a strong opponent against banning Meta Knight. I am in High School, and I take Math and Science a grade above me.



  • In Pikmin 1- I have finished the game with all 30 parts in 26 days.
  • In Pikmin 2- I have all the treasures and I finished in 16 days. Now I have over 500 Pikmin of every kind, and over 5000 each of the Primary Color Pikmin.


  • Caustic Dweevil Emits Water- Olimar claims the Caustic Dweevil emits an acid, not water. However, water is a mild acid, and water causes metal to oxidize, and since Olimar's spacesuit has metal in it the suit would corrode. Olimar also says the liquid is highly acidic. Water would seem highly acidic to him because his space suit cannot be very thick, but water will corrode at the same rate, and the thinner spacesuit would make it look, from his perspective, that the water corrodes quickly. (Example: Which would rust faster: A sheet of metal 1in. thick or one 1ft. thick?)
  • Waterwraith weak only to Purple Pikmin- The water of the Waterwraith has a sort of thin, rubbery cell membrane surrounding the internal organs. (Example: All the Pikmin do is bounce off.) A Puple Pikmin's hair actually ruptures the membrane causing its organs to create a vunerable layer of protien to keep the Waterwraith from explodeing.
  • Pikmin have Lungs- Yes Pikmin do have lungs, as Blue Pikmin would not need gills if Pikmin didn't have them.
  • Breathe through Leaves/Buds/Flowers- Pikmin breathe through their leaves/buds/flowers, as evidenced by the Watery Blowhog: The water it shoots drowns Pikmin by only covering their leaf/bud/flower. (Example: A flowering plant with its roots still attached will sufocate if it is entirely submerged in water. This occurs because the plant breathes through its leaves, buds, and flowers.)
  • All Pikmin can Hear- All Pikmin can hear, not just Yellow Pikmin. The whistle that Olimar uses to command Pikmin to come uses sound, and Pikmin sometimes speak aloud when they are idle.
  • Red Pikmin Thorn- The Red Pikmins' protrusion is a thorn, not a nose. Pikmin are part plant. Plants breath through their leaves, so a nose would be piontless. Olimar only ever calls it a NOSE-LIKE protrusion on the Red Pikmins' heads.
  • Grub-Dog Name (PROVEN)- Grub-Dogs look like Captain Olimar's dog, Bulbie. The Pikmin enimies are refered to as bugs. (ie. King of Bugs) Grub(a bug)-Dog(Olimar's pet). NOTE: a Pikmin 'dog' looks very different than what we call a dog.
  • Bulborb Name- Olimar's pet, Bulbie, looks identical to a Bulborb. Bulborbs have an orb-shaped backside. Bulb(ie)orb.

Kirby Info

  • In Kirby and the Amazing Mirror I have all the treasures and beat the game.
  • In Kirby: Squeak Squad I have all the treasues and beat extra mode in two and a half hours. I also have beaten Boss Battles.
  • In Kirby Super Star Ultra I have a 100% clear and beat Meta Knightmare Ultra in 49 Minutes. I have beaten Helper to Hero with all but five helpers.

BZPower Info

Name:Ridly ... What more is there to say?


You can guess on my talk page who said the quote. If you are the first one to guess correctly then I will put you on the Quote Winners list along with the quote and who said it.

"You cannot destroy me, for I am nothing." ?????

"You're too Slow!" ????? If no one gets this...

"Tasty..." ?????


"I found the snipe!" ?????

"SNARFL?" ?????

"*laugh**punch**laugh**luagh**punch**laugh**repeat cycle*" ?????

"It's raining bugs!" ?????

Quote Winners

Corin01 "Cut out his toungue, shoot him, then shoot his toungue!" Captain Jack Sparrow

Nobody "Powooh! Powooh!" Lapras

PenguinofDeath "Quite a collection. I prefer sea-shells, myself. Sometimes leaves. Oh, and the heads of my enemies, though those take up so much space." Vezon

Nobody "I'm awfully sorry, but I have come without my hat, and I have left my pocket-handkerchief behind, and I haven't got any money. I didn't get your note until after 10:45 to be precise." Bilbo Baggins

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Current-Ridly Roar!

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