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Super Smash Bros. Melee - North American Boxart

Super Smash Bros. Melee is the sequel to the 1999 Nintendo 64 fighting game Super Smash Bros.. Like its predecessor, Super Smash Bros. Melee is different from traditional fighting games in that inflicting damage does not guarantee victory. In play, a player must force the opponent beyond the stage's boundaries, referred to as a "Knock-Off" and abbreviated in the game as a KO. read more...

Did You Know...

  • ...That Villager can Pocket the stars from Yoshi Bomb and Super Dedede Jump?
  • ...That Mewtwo has no Custom Moves, although they were planned to be in the game?
  • ...That the Hylian visible on the Wii U version of Temple reads "Smash Bros"?
  • ...That characters were originally going to have four Custom Moves?
  • ...That the design for Mr. Game and Watch is actually 3-dimensional?
  • ...That Villager can pocket the Great Fox's laser?
  • ...That Greninja's Down Taunt does 1% of damage and a bit of knockback when opponents are next to him?
  • ...That the coins on the Golden Plains are two dimensional?
  • ...On one stage you can be KO'd by touching Danger Zones when you're above 100% damage?

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August 4, 2020SSBU Icon
Version 8.1.0 was released for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which adds the new stage Small Battlefield.
June 29, 2020SSBU Icon
Min Min was added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate alongside the stage Spring Stadium, an ARMS-themed Spirit Board, and several new music tracks.
June 22, 2020SSBU Icon
The 6th DLC fighter is revealed to be Min Min from ARMS, and will be released on June 29, 2020.
March 26, 2020SSBU Icon
In a Nintendo Direct Mini, the 6th DLC fighter is revealed to be from ARMS, and will be announced and released later in June.

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