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I'm new, but I have a fair amount of expierence in Wiki editing. Template:Smasherbeta


Why the hell not?


Icon-luigi This user can be quirky and strange at times.
SSBMIconDoc This user does not understand why Dr. Mario was removed.
Icon-peach This user cannot use Peach. At all.
Icon-link This user likes Link in all 3 games, and thinks he's underrated!
SSBMIconYoungLink This user hates milk.
Icon-samus This user is not a people person.
Icon-kirby This user does not draw. Ever.
Icon-metaknight This user does not care about tiers.
Icon-fox This user does not understand all the hype around Fox.
Icon-falco This user thinks a cloned Final Smash is the worst possible insult to a character.
Icon-jigglypuff This user needs music more than he needs oxygen.
SSBMIconPichu This user has a soft spot for Pichu.
SSBMIconMewtwo This user thinks that Lucario is a total wimp compared to Mewtwo.
Icon-captainfalcon This user is a male.
Icon-ness This user checked the DOJO!! every day. Even after the regular updates.
Icon-lucas This user believes that it's special moves, and not standard attacks, that define a clone.
Icon-iceclimbers This user hates winter.
Icon-marth This user has a large vocabulary.
SSBMIconRoy This user does not understand why Roy was removed
Icon-ike This user fights for his friends.
Icon-pit This user appears to be annoying.
Icon-olimar This user has a scientific mind.
Icon-rob This user is indifferent to ROB.
Icon-sonic This user thinks the Subspace Emissary is a good adventure that could have been a little bit better.
Icon-snake This user can sneak around fairly well.

More to be added, another day...

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