I still want Mega Man Zero for Smash, but it's always nice to expect the unexpected.

The 7.0.0 update is here! We didn't get much buffs, but at least we got larger shields! Oh, and Byleth's fun to play around with. XD

Anyways, that's not important. What is important is that you might want to look around my page. Look at the table of contents if you're lost if you want. Hope you enjoy spending time on my page!

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Pages To My Secondaries (7.0.0)

Characters I Want For Smash as Fighters

  • Zero (Mega Man Zero series, 2002 - 2020)
  • Nakoruru (Samurai Shodown, 1993) [I know, Nakoruru's a Mii costume, but she still has potential to be a fighter!] or Rera (Samurai Shodown V, 2003)
  • Vincent Valentine (Final Fantasy VII, 1997)
  • Phantom R (Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure, 2012)

    Doppelganger Arle: Cute, but menacing.

  • Dark Meta Knight (Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, 2004)
  • Lloyd Irving (Tales of Symphonia, 2004)
  • Arle Nadja (Madou Monogatari: Michikusa Ibun and Puyo Puyo, 1992) and Doppelganger Arle (Puyo Puyo n~Party, 1999)

Characters I Want As Mii Costumes in Smash

  • Geno (Super Mario RPG, 1996)
  • Bass (Mega Man 7, 1995)
  • ProtoMan.EXE (Mega Man Battle Network, 2001)
  • Rock Howard (Garou: Mark of the Wolves, 1999)
  • Chrono (Chrono Trigger, 1995) (w/ Battle Theme 1 included as a music track)

Music From the Respective Series of the Characters I Want in Smash as Fighters


Rhythm Thief OST DISC2-The Re-Invasion of the Louvre Museum

Re-Invasion of the Louvre Museum

(Note: I don't know if Rera from Samurai Shodown has a theme or not. XD)


Mega Man Zero Collection OST - T1-21-Fake (Vs Copy X Seraph Form, Final Battle). Seraph Copy X - Final Battle)


Samurai Shodown V - Banquet of Nature (Nakoruru's Theme)


Dark Meta Knight Battle - Kirby & The Amazing Mirror Music Extended


FF7 Vincent valentine theme song


Tales of Symphonia Battle Theme "Full Force"


Last Decisive Battle (Doppelganger Arle's Battle Theme) - Puyo Puyo 4 Arranged OST

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