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Hello everyone, I am Plasmaster! I am so excited to be joining the Super Smash Bros. Wiki (Smashpedia)! I have been a fan of the Smash series ever since I played Melee for the first time. I never had any game consoles before, until I received a 2DS for my birthday. I will be using this information to help improve the articles on this Wiki for the game. I look forward to working with you all!

My Channel

You can find me on YouTube at my channel, Plasmaster. I upload Smash Bros. content primarily though I also make other gaming videos.

Favorite Smash Game

My favorite Super Smash Bros game so far is Super Smash Bros. 3DS. It is the first Smash game I ever owned myself and I play it all the time!

Favorite Characters

These are my Top Twenty Favorite Smash Bros characters! They aren't in any particular order.

1. Ike- I fight for my friends, Ike fights for his. Perfect match.

2. Mr. Game and Watch- got to love those taunts!

3. Sheik- big fan of the Zelda games.

4. Lucina- I pocket Lucina in Smash 4 and I really enjoyed Awakening.

5. Luigi- never played as him in Melee, casually in Brawl, but...what's with his FS in Brawl?

6. Lucas- Played him a lot in Brawl.

7. King DeDeDe- swing that hammer!

8. Mewtwo- my tertiary main in Melee, I was glad to see him back in Smash 4.

9. Falco- my secondary main in Melee.

10. Fox- my main in Melee

11. Link- loved playing as him in Brawl, and is also from one of my favorite Nintendo games!

12. Samus- I really enjoy Metroid games and main Samus in Smash 4

13. Snake- my old main in Brawl, SO HYPED he's returning in Ultimate!


15. Robin- my other main in Smash 4, I'm a big fan of Fire Emblem and really like her moveset

16. Toon Link- I really like his design, and again, Zelda fan here!

17. Kirby- so adorable!

18. Mega Man- about time he got into Smash!

19. Cloud- I absolutely love his character trailer and he is a really fun character to play as well. Though I haven't played FF7, I was still quite familiar with who Cloud was before he was in Smash.

20. Shulk- despite not being my primary main, I love Shulk the most! He is from one of my favorite Nintendo games and I just love his character!

Most Hated Characters

Here are my most hated characters in Smash.

4. Diddy Kong- I like him in Smash Brawl he was just annoying as hell.

3. Jigglypuff- REST. Need I say more?

2. Sonic- I don't hate Sonic per se, I just find him really annoying as both a character and a fighter.

1. Yoshi- Oh, boy, don't even get me started on Yoshi. I hate Yoshi's guts. To be honest, I think they should have ditched Yoshi as a character years ago. If I were designing the Smash games, I'd remove all traces of Yoshi from the game. He is the most annoying character in gaming in my opinion and it makes me cringe whenever I hear about a Yoshi game...CURSE YOU WOOLY WORLD!

Least Favorite Characters to Fight Against

1. Bayonetta: I don't think this one needs a description. A fun character to play as, but awful to play against.

2. Ness/Lucas: I hate playing against Ness and Lucas players that spam PK Fire and their throws. Seriously, learn to use some other moves!

3. Little Mac: You know how when you go into a match against a Little Mac and think this is going to be easy but then find out that they play a Sol-level Mac game? Yeah, that.

4. Link/Toon Link: One thing I hate in Smash more than Yoshi is spammy players. Link and Toon Link are always played spammy online and I hate it SO much. All these players do is spam projectiles and then once you get close enough they use a forward smash or a down throw to up smash.

5. Falco: Okay, so I can tolerate Fox. At least when Fox spams lasers I can still approach. Every match against a Falco player starts out with spamming lasers, and I hate spamming. A lot. Other than that, Falco isn't too bad.

6. Spamus: Listen, this only applies to spammy Samus players, or Spamus as I like to call them. Regular Samus players are fun to play against because I'm thinking 'You know what, these guys know how to play this character correctly'.

7. Sheik: Go ahead, say I'm just hating on the top tier. It's partially true. I like watching competitive Sheik players, but playing against them? No thanks.

8. Robin: Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! <-- All I see Robin players do online. It isn't so much the spam that I find annoying with this one. What I find annoying is that Robin players spam all of their moves and then wonder why they can't use the move anymore. Learn how to play the character!

9. Jigglypuff: Not only do they just stay in the air and throw aerials at you for the longest time, but...REST.

10. Yoshi: May not come as a surprise. I hate Yoshi, blah blah blah...there is one thing I hate more than Yoshi though. I can tolerate a regular Yoshi player. Do I think they should rethink their life choices? Yes. Still, I have to give them props for taking the time to learn the character, even if it is an annoying one. No...the thing I hate more than just an ordinary Yoshi....are spammy Yoshis. It combines my two least favorite things in the entire Smash game t create something absolutely terrible.

Top Ten Favorite Final Smashes

1. Triforce Slash- Link and Toon Link

2. Dream House- Villager

3. Galaxia Darkness- Meta Knight

4. Ultra Sword- Kirby

5. Great Aether- Ike

6. Critical Hit- Marth and Lucina (Roy's is cool too)

7. Mysterious Ninja- Greninja

8. Giga Mac- Little Mac

9. Mega Man Legends- Mega Man

10. Pair Up- Robin

My Smash Mains


I haven't picked my mains yet, I want to take the time to play all the characters a fair amount before making my decisions. That being said, here are the characters I have the most fun playing as.







Mii Gunner

King K. Rool



Dark Pit



Duck Hunt

Smash 4

Here are my mains in Smash 4!

Primary: Samus/Robin

Secondary: Cloud

Tertiary: Marth/Lucina

These are my casuals in Smash 4. I am training with them to get better and good enough that I can play as them at the same level as my mains, but use them in casual play nonetheless.

Casual Primary: King Dedede/Kirby

Casual Secondary: Link/Captain Falcon

Casual Tertiary: Ness/Shulk

Off-the-Wall: Duck Hunt


Here are my mains in Brawl!

Main: Snake

Secondary: Falco

Tertiary: Marth/R.O.B.

Off-the-Wall: Wolf


Here are my mains in Melee. I didn't play Melee all that much, so these are really just the only characters I had the opportunity to play.

Primary: Fox

Secondary: Falco

Tertiary: Mewtwo

Rivals of Aether

Primary: Clairen

Secondary: Etalus

Pocket: Ranno

Super Smash Flash 2

Primary: Black Mage

Secondary: Isaac

Pocket: Sora

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