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Hello everyone, I am Plasmaster! I'm an administrator and bureaucrat of Smashpedia; if there are any issues regarding the Wiki's articles, forums, blogs, or discussions, please report them to me via my message wall and I'll deal with them as soon as I can!

My Channel

You can find me on YouTube at my channel, Plasmaster. I upload Smash Bros. content primarily though I also make other gaming videos.

Favorite Smash Game

My favorite Super Smash Bros game so far is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It's the biggest Smash game out

My Smash Mains


Here are my Smash Ultimate mains, even though I play most of the cast these are the characters I'm best with.

Primary Main: Robin

Secondary: Snake

Pocket: Bayonetta

Smash 4

Here are my mains in Smash 4!

Primary: Samus/Robin

Secondary: Cloud

Tertiary: Marth/Lucina

These are my casuals in Smash 4. I am training with them to get better and good enough that I can play as them at the same level as my mains, but use them in casual play nonetheless.

Casual Primary: Kirby

Casual Secondary: Link

Casual Tertiary: Shulk

Off-the-Wall: Duck Hunt


Here are my mains in Brawl!

Main: Snake

Secondary: Falco

Tertiary: Marth/R.O.B.


Here are my mains in Melee. I didn't play Melee all that much, so these are really just the only characters I had the opportunity to play.

Primary: Fox

Secondary: Falco

Tertiary: Mewtwo

Rivals of Aether

Primary: Clairen

Secondary: Etalus

Pocket: Ranno

Super Smash Flash 2

Primary: Black Mage

Secondary: Isaac

Pocket: Zelda