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  • I am a goose
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wassup, I'm placeholder title (or Dark Horse [or just horse]{or just whor- no I'm not going there}) I'm training to go to smash/pokemon locals and usually do things by the book rather than experiment for myself which is why I'll ask all sorts of meta-questions. I main sword bois usually, and my preferred pokémon format is DOU. I'm also a massive shitposter (evidenced by the image below)



My mains (in this order)

  • Yoshi (Yoshi 7th alt)
  • Suck Hunt (3rd alt)
  • fuckking puff

Who I want in smash

  • the entirety of the phantom thieves of hearts+fucking Goro (P5)
  • anyone from shovel knight
  • everyone from Hollow Knight
  • hedlok (ARMS)
  • Geno (Mario RPG Legend of the seven stars)
  • Cheep Cheep (Mario)


I can't really list anything here but I play on showdown 8DOU or 7Ubers my username is "destructionisneat" except when I'm playing mono in which case I use

  • bugs are neat (bug)
  • fish are neat (water)
  • resistanceisneat (steel)
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