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Just a few things I need to get out of the way firstly.

  • I don't want you to come here and start swearing, I feel like I did something wrong then.
  • Don't flood my page with spam and all that stuff because you don't want to do that
  • And lastly I don't need you to bag me out about everything I do. Just some things.

Good! now that I have that out of the way lets get started.

Stuff About me

Hi I live in Geelong, Australia, which is about an hour away from Melbourne. My name is Tom or Tommy you can call me whatever you like. And I am a proud supporter of AFL (Austrailian Rules Football) Go the Cats!

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My take on brawl

bring on the PAIN

There are a few things that I don't like about Brawl and the things they removed.

  • Assist trophies make me want to punch something okay, so don't get me started on them or that stupid Bat assist trophy.
  • Moltres, Entei and Suicune are rediculous, If they are going to cut out Articuno, Zapdos and Raikou; just finish them off.
  • Also, there are no more Electric pokeball pokemon!! With of course the exeption of Electrode, Zapdos and Raikou were important.
  • I think respectively every character should have a their own field.
  • What is the point of Toon Link!??! He is just stranded there all by himself on his little Pirate Ship, no Toon Zelda, Toon Ganandorf nothing, they should have just ditched him altogether, I wasn't a big fan of Young Link either.
  • Hanenbow has got to be the biggest rip off of a field EVER. The colours are disturbing.


The current fields are not the best fields I have ever seen, these are a few changes I would like to make.

  • No Mario Circuit and Delfino Plaza are NOT good fields for Bowser. Maybe a Bowser Nightmare field would be good?
  • Bringing back Brinstar is strange. Why do you need 3 fields just for Samus?
  • Pokemon Stadium 1 is a very strange choice. Pokemon Stadium 2 is basically the same. Only they change into different things and the crowd it smaller
  • If they had brought back Princess Peaches Castle as a Melee stage I would be happy. Because Rainbow Ride is stupid and I never liked it anyway.
  • What is the problem with DK's fields? Neither of them are stable playing stages! Maybe if you could go to Jungle Japes during All Star...
  • King Dedede and Kirby do NOT look at home on board the Halberd, King Dedede's Palace might be a good idea, but Green Greens are fine.
  • Why does Mushroom Kingdom get 4 Brawl Stages but Triforce get 2? They have the same amount of characters.

My Top 5 and bottom 5 Fields

Worst 5

5. Norfair

4. Rumble Falls

3. Skyworld

2. 75m

1. Hanenbow

Top 5

5. Pirate Ship

4. Defino Plaza

3. Halberd

2. Bridge of Eldin

1. Smashville

But thats just my opinion

Multi Man Brawl

I love Multi Man Brawl. If you have questions on how to do it with any character I'd be glad to help. These are the ones I did the easiest. They may sound hard but they are actually really easy once you get the hang of it.

Wario- Tilt Up-A

He throws His arms in the air. Good way.

Zero Suit Samus- Tilt Up-A

Sort of a retarded handstand kick

Pikachu- Down-B

Massive Thunder bolt strikes him

Feel the BURN!

Wolf- Up-A

Sort of a jump kick and slams his legs together.

Bowser- Down-B

This ones a bit tricky, Jump first, then once you are a good distance from the Alloys, quickly press Down-B. Awesome.

Lucas- Side-B/Up-A

This one took ages for me. What you need to do is if they are above you is use Up-A and if they are coming toward you use Side-B. This one take a bit of practice but eventually you will get it like I did.

DK- Down-B

Fool proof. Easiest one there. Simply take a couple of steps to the right or left and fire away. You must take these steps because if you don't they will kick you from higher platforms.

Marth- ?

This one is for the more skillful. You must use a combo of jumps, A-attacks and Side-B moves. They all do alot of damage.

Ike- Up-A

Swings his sword above his head in a circular motion.

Behold My Tier List

Pikabro's SSBB Tier list
Undefeatable Getting up the ranks Yeah I spose Bacon! Not Pikachu standards Maybe in the next life...

1. Pikachu
2. Ike
3. Wolf
4. Lucas
5. Link

6. Captain Falcon
7. Mr. Game Watch
8. Marth
9. Bowser

13.Ice Climbers
15.King Dedede

21.Zero Suit Samus
23.Meta Knight
26.Olimar and friends


33.Diddy Kong
37.Snotty Pee Brain (Lucario)
38.Toon Link



I decided to make a moveset because everyone else had one and since I've played The Minish Cap, I thought that Vaati would be a better one for me. This Vaati would be the Hylian Sorcerer from the Minish Cap because that is his be form to fight as

Neutral Special-Sorcery:Black Fire that does damage, can be charged and held like Charge Shot or Giant Punch

Forward Special-Dark Pulse:small black projectile that the player may control

Up Special-Teleport: Teleports upward, simalar to his teleport in The Minish Cap

Down Special-Eye shield:reflets attacks with a huge eye

Final Smash: Light Force Fusion-Vaati turns into his first form (from the Minish Cap. Simalar to Octopus by pressing A, the small eyes that surrond him fire lasers in random directions

Up Taunt: Turns into his Wind Mage form, flies around a bit and turns back

Side Taunt: Laughs, and his cape flutters behind him

Down Taunt: Eyes flash red and he blinks them back

Kirby Hat Design: Vaati's hat with the eye incrested

Default: Purple outfit white "eye" features

Red: Reddish outfit with orange "eye features

Blue: Bluish outfit with bright blue "eye" features

Green: Greenish outfit with bright green "eye" features

Extra: Pink outfit with black "eye" features

By the way, If you agree or disagree with anything I just said, please don't hesitate to tell me. PikabroPIKA! 07:58, 6 November 2008 (UTC)

The Two Captains

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