Hey there, I like this series because it gathers many different characters. Here are my favorites.

Ness- was my very first favorite, but, sadly, he was taken over by Sonic and Lucus. Stil love him though.

Lucus- AWESOME. Very strong and fast. better that Ness. My all time fave.

Sonic- Right now he is my 2nd all time fave. fast, strong, great FS.

Pit- At he bottom of my list of fave characters. still like him.

Lucario- Quite awesome, though, isn't THE best.

Ike- I just recently started liking him.

Meta Kinight- Nuff said

Kirby- Who doesn't like him?

King Dedede- Slow but powerful.

Pikachu- don't use him AS much, but I am good as him.

Pokemon Trainer- Favorite is squirtle. most powerful is Ivysaur.

Zero Suit Samus. Fast, srong, awesome all-around.

Peach- Actually, I am quite good with her

Zelda/sheik- Same as peach

Snake. Uh, Duh?

My least liked character (I hate him) is proby bowser. Slow, easy to dodge his attacks. Powerful as he may be, his moves are executed slowly.

My fave stages.

WarioWare, Norfair, Lylat Cruise, and Pictochat.

Hated: NewPork City

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