This is Smash fan NinTylo (which means my real name is Tyler, and I put part of my name in the very middle of Nintendo). I'm a person for anime and a lot video gaming in general.

Most of my page is gonna be a W.I.P. based on more of Ultimate's DLC having yet to be fully released.

My Opinions on Smash

  • Favorite Character (My Main): Yoshi
  • Despised Character (My Worst Match-Up; I'd NEVER main): Isabelle
  • Favorite Stage: Spiral Mountain
  • Despised Stage: The Great Cave Offensive
  • Favorite Couple: Mario/Peach & Link/Zelda
  • Despised Couple: Any pairing with a Pokemon
  • Favorite Game: Ultimate
  • Despised Game: N/A
  • Most Overrated Character: Joker
  • Most Underrated Character: Inkling
  • Favorite Item: Smash Ball
  • Despised Item: Mr. Saturn
  • Favorite Poke Ball: Solgaleo
  • Despised Poke Ball: Goldeen
  • Favorite Assist Trophy: Rathalos
  • Despised Assist Trophy: Nintendog
  • Favorite Mode: Stage Builder (post-Brawl)
  • Despised Mode: Camera Mode (Melee)
  • Favorite Boss: Rathalos
  • Despised Boss: Dracula (Classic Mode)
  • Favorite Villain: Master Hand/Crazy Hand
  • Despised Villain: Dracula
  • Favorite Song: Pollyanna (I Believe in You)
  • Despised Song: N/A
  • Favorite Final Smash: The Mighty Jinjonator (Banjo & Kazooie)
  • Despised Final Smash: Peach Blossom/Daisy Blossom (Peach/Daisy)
  • Favorite Solo Event: King of the Yoshis (Wii U)
  • Despised Solo Event: King of the Mountain (Melee)
  • Favorite Co-Op Event: Robots vs. Dragons (Wii U)
  • Despised Co-Op Event: Poisonous Plant (Wii U)
  • Favorite Classic Mode Route (SSBU): Jurassic Journey (Yoshi)
  • Despised Classic Mode Route (SSBU): The Teamwork of Courage (Toon Link)

Favorite & Least Favorite Fighters

Excellent Fighters (#1-#35)

Whilst there are a couple of issues, their movesets, final smashes, and playability are first rate.

Good Fighters (#36-#51)

Problems with these fighters are more prominent, but their overall presence is still enjoyable.

Okay Fighters (#52-#65)

This applies to fighters who aren't anything new to the franchise and overall just don't fit in well with even the good ones. On the other hand, specific traits of them are generally fine and serviceable. There can also be fighters with a good moveset of neutral and/or special attacks attached to an otherwise bad final smash or vice versa.

Combining all three of his Pokemon together, Pokemon Trainer is placed between Meta Knight and Robin.

Bad Figthers (#66-#72)

These fighters are affected by sub-par aspects that hurt their enjoyable factor. There is some redeeming value to these fighters, but their cons overshadow their pros at times.

Terrible Fighters (#73-77)

There is little to no redeeming value in these fighters and they may as well have weak movesets with difficult playability.

Atrocious Fighters (#78-80)

Nothing about these fighters is redeemable and they go above and beyond in lacking quality that terrible fighters do.

My Custom Classic Mode: NinTylo Mains

My adversaries (if Classic Mode was customizable like Stage Builder) consist of my Top Five Mains. The Mii Fighters represent me and my favorite costumes. The penultimate battle is against a giant Yoshi, who's been my main since Melee (much less 64). The boss of my route is Rathalos based on my love of dragons no matter the type (besides wyverns).

1Mii Brawler, Mii Swordfighter, and Mii GunnerWuhu IslandWii Sports Series MelodyMii Fighters representing myself (NinTylo).
Mii Fighters Costume Combinations:
  • Bionic Helmet and Bionic Suit (Brawler)
  • Ninja Headband and SSB T-shirt (Swordfighter)
  • Ray Mk III Helmet and Ray Mk III Outfit (Gunner)
2RidleyNorfairVs. Ridley
3Banjo & KazooieSpiral MountainMain Theme - Banjo-Kazooie
4King K. RoolKongo JungleCrocodile Cacophony
5BowserMushroom Kingdom UKing Bowser - Super Mario Bros. 3
6Giant YoshiYoshi's IslandYoshi's Island (for 3DS/Wii U)
Bonus Stage
FinalRathalosForest HillRoar/Rathalos

Pollyanna (I Believe in You) accompanies the credits if completing my route.

My Classic Mode Scores

Bold marks my main, favorite route, and highest score, while Italics mark my Worst Match-Up, despised route, and lowest score. As for the underlining of the scores, (with a few small exceptions here and there) they're scores I won't bother changing with the characters enlisted - unless I have a change of mind every so often.

The tier photo below will be updated with differed scores as with my rankings below after every newer DLC fighter I complete Classic Mode with...

NinTylo's SSBU Classic Mode Score Tier Post-MinMin FANMADE

My Classic Mode Scores Tier List as of 7/3/20 upon completing Min Min's route (for the second time currently)

RankFighter #Favorable FighterFavorable RouteCharacterClassic Mode TitleScore
1050101YoshiJurassic Journey2,285,280
2702706Piranha PlantNew Bloom2,275,230
3440913WolfReunited Roster2,205,800
4140207BowserThe Red One. Every Red One!2,179,100
5670302King K. RoolSuper Heavyweight Class2,164,410
6214303MarthA Kingdom of Dragons2,152,010
7476026Wii Fit TrainerAerobic Smash2,136,510
8606855RyuSeeking a Challenge2,128,380
9031509LinkA Quest to Seal the Darkness2,127,100
11043015SamusAnother Planet, Another Bounty2,114,050
1276TBA22Min MinARMS at the Ready2,112,580
13301319WarioI'm-a Gonna Win!2,110,800
14650524RidleyIt Can't Be! Space Pirates!2,082,470
1566ε62ε43RichterSmash Echoes2,080,010
16091248LuigiLuigi's Nightmares2,071,600
17021131Donkey KongJourney to New Donk City2,071,350
18755777BylethA Heroic Legacy2,070,080
19222004Young LinkHyrule Smash!2,062,260
20461611Mega ManVariable Weapon System: Online!2,057,950
21372536LucasMagic, Sacred Powers, and PSI!2,051,910
22102653NessHome to Onett!2,046,100
23285317PitFight for the Goddess!2,037,770
24392214King DededeRoyal Rumble2,036,450
25135025PeachNo Damsel in Distress2,034,740
2604ε30ε57Dark SamusThe Great Poison Given Form2,033,300
27723861HeroA History of Heroism2,029,010
28730422Banjo & KazooiePerfect Partners2,028,440
29573640ShulkWitness the Monado's Power2,026,660
30204050FalcoSoar Above the Darkness2,023,940
31321949IkeThe Black-Clad Warriors2,021,860
32596446Duck HuntDuck, Dog, Zapper2,021,190
33384442SonicAt the Speed of Sound2,019,540
34611732CloudA Ride? Not Interested.2,019,200
35240858MewtwoPsychic Control2,013,610
36073937FoxSpacebourn Smash2,010,060
37493241Little MacFriendly Sparring2,007,640
38552365Pac-ManAgeless Classic2,007,320
3913ε50ε47DaisySarasaland Represent!2,005,460
40693321IncineroarBurning Pro Wrestling Spirit!2,004,970
4133-354828Pokémon TrainerThe Future Champion2,000,310
4221ε43ε35LucinaA Path of Heroes1,995,530
43582833Bowser Jr.Mama Peach, Where Are You?1,994,840
44315545SnakeWeapons and Equipment OSP1,994,730
45365105Diddy KongHey, Little Buddy!1,994,020
46436676Toon LinkThe Teamwork of Courage1,990,940
47111420Captain FalconUp Close and Personal1,990,840
48266567Mr. Game & WatchA Long Legacy1,973,670
49064174KirbyGourmet Clash1,971,170
50407038OlimarPlanetary Explorer1,969,340
51544652PalutenaA Little Divine Intervention1,963,310
5260ε68ε56KenRed-Hot Rivalry1,962,640
53174210ZeldaWisdom Prevails1,957,010
55252934RoyA Journey of Swords1,955,150
56295669Zero Suit SamusGrapplers! Whips! Claws!1,954,330
57230627GanondorfEnroaching Darkness1,952,050
58641012InklingAn Inkredible Journey1,951,140
59423730R.O.B.Unreadable Expressions1,951,030
6028ε53ε23Dark PitCreated Warriors1,948,530
61196951PichuLightweight Fracas1,946,160
62745263TerryThe King of Smash1,945,620
64622472CorrinBetween White and Black1,942,120
65083429PikachuI Choose You!1,941,190
66502139GreninjaYour Turn, Greninja!1,938,070
67564943RobinThunder and Flames1,931,440
68274766Meta KnightTwo Sides of the Same Coin1,931,120
69155964Ice ClimbersDuos for Days1,930,240
70183570Dr. MarioColorful Treatment Plan1,930,030
71635462BayonettaThe Requiem of Fallen Wings1,917,460
72416173LucarioCounter Encounters1,905,590
7325ε29ε54ChromFight as One1,904,350
74456371VillagerMistake to Underestimate1,902,840
75687175IsabelleBest in Show1,902,660
76483116Rosalina & LumaOne Star after Another1,901,610
77125808JigglypuffAll Original, All 64!1,853,600
78010718MarioLet's-a Go!1,850,440
Total High Score (All Fighters): 157,048,720

Trivial Theories/Statements

  • If I had a dollar for everyone who's highest Classic Mode scores comes from Yoshi (my main), I'd be filthy stinkin' rich.
    • Although if you're gonna surpass Yoshi with anyone, and if you use its poison breath side special endlessly on Rathalos, I'd say mainly Piranha Plant could triumph over Yoshi.
      • In my case though, I make sure to keep Yoshi with the highest score possible obviously because he's my main.
  • If you combine Piranha Plant's scoring (Over 600,000 with a perfect) with Rathalos and how high I could seriously score with Wolf and his playable opponents (Over 700,000 - a slightly higher score than Yoshi before his bonus game and boss), then it adds up to a higher Classic Mode score than Yoshi.
  • Trying to reach 9.9 difficulty, all while getting perfects on all six rounds against playable characters are the likeliest when it comes mainly to Wii Fit Trainer (if not her boss - Master Hand/Crazy Hand).
  • It's pretty much a guarantee that your lowest score in Classic Mode will come from either Mario or Jigglypuff.
    • Ironically, Mario fights the most opponents in general (with a total of 23), yet is my lowest scoring character. (Likely due to how low of a score Giga Bowser offers for a unique boss)
  • Conversely, Mario's green, egg-spinning companion ironically scores the highest.
    • Not to mention, Yoshi remains my main since Melee. (Much less 64)
  • Try thinking of my Classic Mode score tier list as a Grade Point Average rating system for something like middle school (or even high school) as an example:
    • Those in the 1.85 Million territory (only Jigglypuff and Mario) would only barely reach their passable potential with the help of a Special Ed class or two. (Yeah, with their current scores, I was able to get them at least this high, so in comparison, they would no longer need summer school)
    • Those in the 1.9 Million rate (like Robin and, only by a longshot, Rosalina) would be the completely average school student to just keep going with the flow of moving up a grade after every summer.
    • Those in the 1.95 (like Bowser Jr. and, most surprisingly, Captain Falcon) would be better than average enough to seal their fates at moving along with the flow of their graduation classes by each individual year.
    • Those in the 2 Million rate (like Banjo & Kazooie and Mega Man) would have the strong GPA of up to at least 3.25.
    • Those in the 2.05 Million rate (like Ridley and Richter) would make the perfect 4.0 GPA and would have the average potential to go to a greater college than those with a lower GPA.
    • At the 2.1 Million rate, Ryu and Link for example could each skip a grade.
    • In the 2.15 Million rate, Bowser, King K. Rool, and Marth would be able to skip three grades along with being accepted in the greatest college there is.
    • Wolf what with his 2.2 Million rate would be able to go to college immediately starting as a freshman.
    • Piranha Plant at 2.25 Million would already have graduated college.
    • Getting Yoshi to 2.3 Million (and believe me, I'M SO CLOSE), he'd not only have already graduated college, but also have incredible honors - like something reminiscent of say a Nobel Prize.
  • Yoshi has my favorite Classic Mode route based on not only his boss, but also the theme of his route being themed around my favorite class of the Animal Kingdom: Reptiles.
    • Conversely, Ryu, Hero, Terry, and Byleth are a four-way tie for the worst route I've ever had the displeasure of completing, because it's all about stamina, and for that matter, their routes are all about unfairly screwing you over. (ESPECIALLY since we're all used to PERCENTAGE in Classic Mode, NOT STAMINA!)
      • If I can't count stamina routes though, then my overall worst is Toon Link's no thanks to the HORRENDOUSLY unhelpful AI teammates who sometimes screw you over by accident, not to mention you and your teammates have weak attacks while every opponent has MUCH stronger attacks and are next to IMPOSSIBLE to launch off the screen. (Not to mention you're totally outnumbered in the first and fifth rounds each)
  • I've gotten perfects on every boss at 9.0 difficulty or higher (minus Dracula via his second form at least), but I'd say unless you're REALLY lucky and strongly skilled no less, chances are you're NOT gonna get a perfect on the hands if you don't use a character primarily with a counterattack special. (Cause I have yet to master both hands)
    • Sure, I got a perfect on the hands with Diddy Kong, but to be fair, that isn't really saying much based on having an AI partner for backup (like Donkey Kong).
    • For characters that score the highest on both hands (with or without a perfect)? I'd say Wario and King Dedede each, much less Ridley.

My favorite pages

  • Yoshi (all pages)
  • Classic Mode (SSBU)
  • TBA
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