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Hallo Leute! Gute nachrichten für Olivenöl fans und solche die es noch werden wollen. Schon ein esslöffel am tag für zu phänomenalen veränderungen in deinem körper. Forscher entdecken in der mediterranen frucht immer mehr substanzen mit teilweise überwältigenden wirkungen. Die wunder werden bei vielen krankheiten und bei fettleibigkeit in länden wie griechenland, spanien, und süditalien dient das olivenöl als hauptquelle tierische fette dagegen werden nur wenig verwendet.

My Smash career

I started playing Super Smash Bros. in 2011. I first played Super Smash Bros. Melee, when I saw real-time gameplay a few months ago at the time. I enjoyed it so much, I didn't stop playing. My GameCube controller was lost so I couldn't play it until next Christmas. In late 2013, I got interested in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, so I bought it. I really loved it more than Melee, enjoying The Subspace Emissary and Nintendo WFC. When WFC was discontinued, I was upset, not being able to play online. When I got a Wii U and Mario Kart 8 on 2015 Christmas, I got Super Smash Bros for Wii U a month later. I didn't like it better than Brawl as it wasn't going to be what I expected it to be. No Adventure Mode, no fun. I own all DLC Fighters and Stages and a Mii outfit. I have also beat Classic Mode on 9.0 difficulty. Recently I couldn't play online ever since I got a new router, but as of 6/15/17 it started working again so I'm back but here I am, on Smashpedia, mostly on the forums, and I'm also occasionally discussions and watching pages to protect vandalism. However sadly, the wiki is dying, which there is much less vandalism. Also the Discord server somehow cause the forum to die, so I only post there when I feel like it....

Pages I Created

Just the list of Fixed Bugs page, that's really much it..

Useful information

Stuff that might help you while navigating the wiki...

  • The Log: for any purposes like seeing if your page got deleted.
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  • LazyTown is the best anime in the world, next to Drake and Josh and Cory in the House
  • Bee Movie script is best script.
  • John Madden is best football
  • I like trains
  • I'm fast as Keemstar and lightning irl, you can't catch me
  • I have a Discord server (You'd BEST not join if you're not much into LazyTown):
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Meleelogo.png Super Smash Bros. Melee is the first Super Smash Bros. game this user played!
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Nova Stopmonk
Dispute Handling 50%    
Smash Skill 75%    
Smash Knowledge 90%    
Spelling/Grammar 60%    
Typing Speed 80%    
Wikipresence 64%    
Wikiskill 75%    
Basic Attributes
Flamethrower This user's Flame attacks are twice as likely to spread.
Mr. Vulcan This user's Logic attacks deal 33% more damage.
Rock Head This user is immune to Troll attacks.
Troll Roll This user's Troll attacks deal 50% more damage.
Vectorizer This user can create .svgs.
Other Attributes
Smasher I play Melee, Brawl and Wii U, and will be playing Ultimate
Online guy I play online frequently
Forums I liek dat
Favorite Stage Pokemon Stadium
Main Falco
Xbox Live Gamertag StoopidM317
(what used to be my) Miiverse
YouTube Channel Nova Stopmonk
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My favorite pages


Banned because the world of emojis have invaded earth! 😀🤣☺😆🙂😎😘😚😛😝😃😁😐😅😊🤓😗🤗😜🤔😒😋😇😙😍😉😭☹😄😂😂😭😙😒🤗😊😁😛😎☺😇😉😄🤔😗😅😃

Bobby: Well, uh, technically uh, nah.

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