aka Roberto Banuelos

  • I live in USA
  • I was born on May 31
  • I am Male

Sup my names Ninoaguila and Im 12 years old. I like the SSB in this order: Melee, N64, and Brawl. Ill add more later when im more well known.

Also notice my Blaziken doing a Knee of Justice. Yeah I know I'm a butthole 'cause I'm Bragging ;)


Here I'll add combos I like to use or have made.

Used: In melee, as Falco I like to grab the opponent, Down throw, and Shine (well known combo). In Melee, as Captain Falco I like to use the Sacred Combo when ever I can.

Made: I made this on November 25, 2009, with Zelda use lightning kick on the opponent then follow up with a Naryu's Love or another Lightning Kick, I like to call this combo Lightning Love (it basically Zelda's Sacred Combo [note: requires same situation as Sacred Combo])

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