Sandbox To-Do List

  • Add Ariel attacks for Rosalina
  • Add 'Other' Attacks for Rosalina

Fake Characters


Special Attacks

Up Special:

Similar to Pit's, Rosalina levitates upwards for a short period of time.

Alternate Up Special:

Gets carried upwards by Luma's or thrown upwards by Luma's (similar to Mr. Game & Watch's up special).

Side Special:

Throws Star Bits at the opponent – Low knockback – 9%

Down Special:

Waves her wand (with a medium amount of lag) to put the opponent (within a certain range) to sleep.

Standard Special:

Similar to Zelda's standard special Rosalina goes into a bubble/force field and spins around – 7% - Low knockback - Also reflects projectiles and doubles back damage.

Standard Attacks

Standard AAA:

Three hit combo, punch, punch, and kick – decent knockback- 13% if all moves connect.

Strong Side:

Waves her wand which sends a Star Bit out of the end – Low knockback – 4%

Up A:

A bubble floats at the tip of Rosalina’s finger, which traps the opponent in the bubble for anywhere between 3-6 seconds – base damage 5% - Max damage 10%

Down A:

Similar to Ness' down A Rosalina kicks the opponent – 3% - combos well if used repeatedly and quickly

Dash Attack:

Runs to the opponent, then hip and shoulders them (bumps them) – 4%

Smash Attacks

Side Smash:

Swings wand in a similar way to the Star Rod, which sends a Star Bit out at high speed – 23% fully charged – 16% uncharged

Up Smash:

Throws a Luma upwards which then spins horizontally (like a clothes line) and comes back down – 21% fully charged – 14% uncharged

Down Smash:

Shoots Star Bits downwards from her wand which stun the opponent for a short period of time if they hit – 17% fully charged – 11% uncharged



Rosalina head butts the opponent – 2%

Up Throw:

Throws the opponent upwards and then hits them with her wand – Average knockback – 7%

Forward Throw:

Throws the opponent forward then kicks them – Low knockback – 4%

Backward Throw:

Throws the opponent backwards then kick them with her heel – medium knockback – 5%

Down Throw:

Throws the opponent on the ground then jumps on them – decent knockback – 9%

Final Smash

Shoots bubbles horizontally from her wand (in a straight line), these bubbles trap opponents (but doesn’t damage their percentage), then Rosalina shoots a Power Star (from Super Mario Galaxy) from her wand in the same direction as the bubbles to hit the trapped opponents – Excellent knockback – 50%

Alternate Final Smash

One of the Luma’s that you have to feed on Super Mario Galaxy appears and Rosalina feeds three Star Bits to it, then Rosalina feeds it a Power Star which makes the Luma blow up to the size of Jigglypuff’s Final Smash, to knock opponents off of the stage – Great knockback – Base damage 40%


Up Taunt:

Rosalina hugs a Luma.

Down Taunt:

Rosalina spins around and says “May the stars shine down on you.”

Side Taunt:

Waves her wand in a similar way to Toon Link, and says “I’ll be watching you from beyond the stars.”

On-Screen Appearance

Rosalina enters the stage on one of her Karts from ‘Mario Kart Wii.’



  • Medium pace


  • Medium weight character
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