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Brawl main Ike, Lucas
Brawl doubles main Lucas
Other Brawl
Olimar, Marth
Melee mains Roy, Ness
Other Melee
Marth, Kirby
N64 mains Link, Kirby
Other N64
Samus, Mario
Crew(s) Midnight Strike
Skill Better then you
Additional info
Brawl Code 4811-9951-8500
Srsbsns This user means srs bsns.

Hi, I was a new user of Smash Wiki. I'm always looking for a brawl or even a Pokemon battle, if you want a brawl just add my fc and leave a message on my talk page. I hope you enjoy my pages and Edits, if you have any questions just post them on My Talk page as well. Thanks. oh... and I am a Pokéman, I have big Pokéball's.

Anyone can go onto my Random Page and put random stuff on there, anyone can also play in my sandbox. If you have free time please help Ssbb legend is in and I come up with a good crew name, or even just take the poll at the bottom of my page. Thanks (Again).


Cyndaquil one of my favourite Pokemon

File:Celebi Brawl.jpg

One of my favourite attacks "Mach Tornado".

My Signatures

My Signatures
AFL Season
Favourite Signatures

SSB History


Lucas (my second best charcter in SSBB)

My SSB history goes back a long way, but to tell the truth I wasn't a real big fan until the release of SSBB.

I began by playing SSB at my close friends house, I wasn't real good at it and that's all I can remember. Except I have got Project 64 on the computer, this is a program that can allow you to download N64 Roms off of the internet and play them on the computer, so I play that when I'm bored, and playing it when I'm bored was enough time to main with Link and finish classic mode over and over again and I also had a second main in Kirby (that legend). I also got two other characters that I was alright with which were, Samus and Pikachu, the reason I choose Pikachu is because my favorite video game is Pokémon followed by SSB. Then I started playing SSBM except not at home, because I have never owned a Gamecube, but there was a resort near my house that had a few Gamecube's in the restaurant area. whenever my family and I went there I would rush to the Gamecubes and start to play SSBM. I didn't used to be that good at that either but I played for a while and mained with Kirby, the reason I played with Kirby is because I have a SNES at home and my favorite game on the SNES was Kirby's Fun Pack (some Kirby game with eight games in the one cartridge). Besides that I don't really have much else to say because the only other person I knew that owned it was my cousin that lives in Queensland, which is a different state of Australia to me.


Marth (my fourth best character in SSBB)

This is were my history gets a kick start, in 2008 I got SSBB my favorite game in the series (and yes if your wondering I do own a Nintendo Wii). I began by brawling regularly every day, and playing the subspace emissary every day (until I completed it). And so I began to main with Ike, eventually Ike became my favourite player and I began to try out other characters to try and find a second and third best, and maybe even a fourth. This is when I came across Lucas, I have to admit he does take a fair while to get used to, but I was patient and Lucas then became my second SSBB main. One day I was brawling at my mates place (this mate was Jebus4eva), just trying out new characters and then my mate decided we should do a tourney. I choose Olimar, I only choose him as a joke though, because at the time I had never actually played as him and I absolutely hated him! He looked so bad, but I tried him and I owned everyone, the Pikmin that stick to the foes do so much damage! And so Olimar became my third main. Then next was the period were I began looking for another character to add to the list. so I tried Mr. Game & Watch, he seemed pretty good, that was until I tried my main characters Fire Emblem counterpart. Wait for it (even though you've probably guessed by now)....................

MARTH! I used him and from the moment I choose him, I owned everyone... but of course not as much as with my three mains but I still owned. So yeah that's pretty much my SSB history. I'll keep you updated if anything new or interesting happens. Thanks for reading (if you read it).

I have now got SSBM, I got it for Christmas,but I am still trying to find new mains, but at the moment I'm leading towards Mario or Kirby.

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Heff and Ssbb's Win/Lose Record


Ditto, also from Pokemon

Brawler Wins Losses
Heff 0 2
Ssbb 2 0

Stock Won/Lost by

Brawler 1st Brawl 2nd Brawl
Heff Lost by 2 Stock Lost by 3 Stcok
Ssbb Won by 2 Stock Won by 3 Stock


  • Please Note that all of these Brawls have been Ditto fights, which means that both players were the same character.
  • They were both 15 Stock Brawls
  • Both Brawls were played on Final Destination
  • In both Brawls there was no Items
  • The character used by both players was the legendary Ike (the best character ever created)

Articles I Have Made


Olimar (SSBB)

Currently I have made 5 Articles.

Major Edits

Final Destination - Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Final Destination

My Links

ROB glitch

The Diffusion Beam Glitch

Things That This User Would Like To Master


Jiiglypuff's 'Wall of Pain'

User Pages


Pokémon Stadium 2

Brawl Info


Ike (from SSBB)

4 Favourite (Best) Brawl Characters (In Order):

4 Favourite Stages:

4 Favourite Items

5 Favourite Final Smashes:

Best 1 on 1 Brawl Character:

Best Sudden Death Character

Best Team Brawl Character:

Wii Remote Type Used:

  • Nunchuck & Wii Remote

Current Home Run Contest Record

  • 560.5m

Current Endless Brawl Record

100 Man Brawl Record

  • 3.51 Minutes (Ike)

Cruel Brawl Record

Masterpieces Unlocked

  • All

Characters Unlocked

  • All 35

Stages Unlocked:

  • All



Rayquaza (a boss in SSBB)


Luigi Wavedashing

File:Pikmin 080111b.jpg

Lucas' PK Fire


lol, Mr. Saturn is just so Kool!

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Super Smash Bros. Stuff
Jigglypuff glitch This User likes to mess with glitches in the Super Smash Bros. games.
Pokemon trainer s I'd watch out! This user is THE UNBEATABLE Pokémon Master.
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My SSBB Tier List

MysteryHeff's SSBB Tier list
Legendary! Great Good Alright Bad No Chance!

1. Ike
2. Lucas
3. Meta Knight
4. Falco
5. Marth

6. Pikachu
7. Mario
8. Mr. Game & Watch
9. Kirby
11.Captain Falcon

13.Zero Suit Samus

26. Olimar

30.Toon Link
31.King Dedede

35. Wolf
36.Diddy Kong
38.Ice Climbers

Which SSB Game is the Best? (out of those listed below)

Vote For your Favorite!

The poll was created at 04:37 on December 16, 2008, and so far 42 people voted.

Crew Name

What is the best Crew name Here? If you vote Other, please suggest a name that would be better than them all and put it on my talk page so I know the reason why you voted for it, thanks.

The poll was created at 09:06 on December 24, 2008, and so far 29 people voted.

My Mains

Note: These are ordered, best at the top under that is second and so fourth.

Character Image
Why I Choose Them
Ahh... Ike, the best character EVER created, Ike is my SSBB Main for Singles, he is not my doubles main but I do rock with him in doubles aswell, but for doubles I prefer to have a quicker character.
Lucas is easily one of the best characters ever introduced to SSBB, the reason I like Lucas more than Ness is because Lucas has a better recovery, Lucas is slightly quicker, and Lucas' Smash attack (besides his side smash) are a lot stronger then Ness' Smash attacks, they do have more lag but if perfected they can work very well.
Olimar most people hate, I admit I used to hate him but he ended up being my third main, somehow. The reason I like Olimar is because his Pikmin do soo much damage soo quickly, and after a few seconds you hit your opponent with a smash attack and they go flying, a good example of this can be found here.
Marth, my mains Fire Emblem counterpart. Marth is my doubles main and also my fourth main, the reason I choose Marth as my doubles main is because (as I mentioned earlier) I prefer a quicker character for doubles. Marth is a quick yet somewhat strong character, and like Olimar he can deal out damage very quickly.
Finally, my Melee Mains. Roy, yet another Fire Emblem character and another legend. Although Roy is good, I personally think that he was a bit over rated, I can't even compare Ike to Roy, and Roy's move set is exactly the same as Marths except his blade is stronger and its also a blade of fire, Roy is a great character and will most likely always be my SSBM main. I anyone would like to debate about what I said about Roy please leave a message on my talk page.
Not much to say about Ness, because I mentioned most of it when I was talking about Lucas. One thing I can say is my strategy with Ness is to go all out offensive (his high very knock back side smash is a big help), and it usually works, depending on what I'm doing.
See what I said about Marth for SSBB, the reason I use him in Melee is the same.
The Reason I use Kirby is because of its high knock back moves and Kirby also has a good variation of moves depending on who your versing due to its special move; inhale. and another reason I use Kirby is because in Melee I have almost perfected Kirbycide.

My Favorite Youtube Videos

Video Link
Short Video Description
*Wolf's Retarded Mission Episode 1
<Episodes 1 & 2>I cam across this video when someone created an article about it that got deleted, I watched the videos and found them quite funny, but there is mild course language.
*Wolf's Retarded Mission Episode 3 <Episodes 3 & 4> ^"See Above"^.
*Wolf's Retarded Mission Episode 5
<Episodes 5 & 6> There is two parts to Episode 6. ^"See Above for more info"^
Gangsta Kirby
I cam across this video Blue Ninjakoopa's User page and it looks pretty funny.
Funny Pokemon FireRed Hack
Some video of a guy that hacked Pokemon FireRed version, they changed the city and the text, an extremely funny video, but there is Mild Course Language.
Mario Vs. Bowser Pokemon Style
Yet another hacked Pokemon clip this one is a bit different though, the person that hacked this has made it so there Pokemon is Mario and they Vs. a wild Bowser.
SSBB Groudon Glitch
A weird SSBB Glitch were Groudon doesn't do any damage to the opponent.
Eternal diffusion beam glitch
A video to match the Diffusion Beam Glitch article that I created.
Olimar+yellow pikmin+timer=LOL
A funny video of Olimar doing some quick damage with yellow Pikmin.
How to be Gangster
This is were the non video game videos begin, this one is about some guys that show you how to be gangster, really funny video. If you like this video watch some of the related videos like how to be ninja etc.
Britney Spears Parody: "Piece of Me" (Piece of Meat)
A really funny pay out of a song, its just plain funny, 5 star rating (Mega LOL). If you like this video watch the related videos Hey there Delilah etc.

I hope you enjoyed my page, if you have any questions or comments please post them on my Talk page thanks.

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