NOTE: My Current Tier List Is In The Making, when I'm done with My Tweaking, you guys can help, just don't directly edit it. -_-

In Smash 64, I really want to say I main Ness but I really didn't unlock him yet, but he is the best out of all of them, in my opinion. In Melee, I Main Roy and Mewtwo (depends on my mood) I SOMETIMES Ness, but not that much. For Brawl, I can't decide if I perfer Charizard or Olimar (Though Charizard seems more stable) Many non Roy mainers say that Ike play just like Roy, on a certain exent, it's somewhat true, but he is way slower, has two different specails, and no sweet spot, which in my opion, makes him suck that he has no sweet spot like Roy or Marth and a REALLY bad Recovery. Snake is also cool, too, I mean a freaking Gernade launcher? GENIUS! I now perfer Lucas over Ness (A Tether Recovery, a Freezeing move, Better FS in My Opinion). This is Mudkipz, which I think you guys should know what where I Got it from, or your sad.




  • A into A combo: Punch, Punch, Headbutt
  • Forward Tilt: Uppercut to the Gut (Sucker Punch)
  • Up Tilt: Lucario's Up Smash, only weaker.
  • Down Tilt: Extends foot foward, can Trip Oppoents
  • Forward Smash: Hand Glows Blue, then Punches. (Freezes Opponet) (Ice Punch)
  • Up Smash: Handstand Kick.
  • Down Smash: Crouches and does a Flip Kick.
  • Dash Attack: Hand Glows Blue, and he slashes foward with a small speed of burst (Freezes Opponet) (Ice Shard)
  • Neutral Air: Headbutt. (A Spike)
  • Forward Air: Kicks Foward
  • Backward Air: Headbutt backwards (Not a Spike)
  • Up Air: Headbutts upwards (i liek hedbutz)
  • Down Air: Dives down, Head first. (Stall then Fall, without the stalling)
  • Pummel: Headbutt.
  • Forward Throw: Stronger Version of Foward Tilt
  • Backward Throw: Hugs the helded character and Flips Backward, Like a Backward Flying Slam. (Can be used for Snovercide)
  • Up Throw: Throws Opponet Above his head. (Can be used for Starting Combos)
  • Down Throw: Drops Opponet and Steps on their Throat/Head.
  • Ledge: Gets Up, and does a Flip Kick.
  • Ledge 100%: Gets Up and does a Foward Tilt.
  • Get-up: Kicks Upward, then Get up.
  • Trip: Rolls
  • Neutral Special: Ice Beam: (Charging Move) Once the Desired Charge (By Holding B) is reached, release to launch a beam of light, which quickly Freezes. Longer Charge=Longer Distance, but same Damage. (Freezes Opponet)
  • Forward Special: Razor Leaf: Same As Ivysaur
  • Up Special: Swords Dance: Just Like Marth's Up B, Only that the sword Dissapears afterwards.
  • Down Special: Wood Hammer: Hand Grows Green, then does a Downward Strike. Takes About the same time as a Warlock Punch before he actually strikes. Takes 10% Damage if it connects. Takes No Damage if doesn't
  • Final Smash: Avalanche: Like PK Star Storm, but all the Blasts go a 45o Angle. It also spawns on in one of the two Upper Corners, doesn't Pass Walls, but keeps on moving untill it losses Inertia (I.E. It can roll off Platforms). The Corner that is used and what direction of the tilt depends what direction Snover was facing.
  • Up Taunt: Hand Glows Blue and he stares at it.
  • Side Taunt: Grabs a Sword for Sword Dance in One hand, Tosses it to the other, tosses it back and Points the Sword and the Player with a Serious Look
  • Down Taunt: Does Chrono's Victory Pose in Chrono Trigger after winning a battlex3.
  • On-Screen Apperence: Standard Pokéball Entry
  • Kirby Hat Design: Snover's top part of his head.
  • Character Roll Call Theme: Wild Pokémon Battle! (Diamond / Pearl)
  • Wiimote Selection Sound: Says "Snover Snov Snov"
  • Color Changes:
    • Default: White/Brown/Green
    • Red: Red/Black/Black
    • Blue: White/Brown/Blue (Shiny Version)
    • Green: Same as Default
    • Extra 1: Purple/Turquoize/White
    • Extra 2: Orange/Yellow/Red
    • Extra 3: White/Black/Grey (Like if he was Black and White)
  • Costume Changes: Like Wario, he can change a Costume, this change removes a Stripe of the Second color for more of the main (1st) Color. (Basicly his Female form) All colors are the same.
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