I'm an administrator in the Happy Tree Friends Wiki. I mostly edit in the Smash Wiki and the Mario Wiki. I also made logos for several wikis, such as the HTF wiki, Kirby Wiki and the Yoshi Wiki. I also made a logo for the Mario Kart Wiki, but it is used as the main page's main image instead.

I'm a Super Smash Bros. fan. I played Super Smash Bros. Melee two or three times and I own Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I play with all characters, so it is hard to determine which one is my main. My Brawl code is 1119-1779-5114.

tro-540 This user has all trophies in his collection.
Wii Wiimotea.png This user has owned a Wii console since July 6th, 2008.
Metal Primid Trophy.jpg This user thinks that Metal Primid are intensely hard to find and capture.

TrophyStand.jpg This user has captured all Subspace enemies at least once. Even Bosses!
40px This user has beaten the Subspace Emissary thrice.
40px This user has beaten the Subspace Emissary with 100% at least once.

Icon-zerosuitsamus.gif This user thinks that Zero Suit Samus is hot.
Icon-olimar.gif Olimar is better than you think.
Icon-metaknight.gif This user thinks tiers ruin the game.
Icon-sonic.gif This user thinks that including 3rd parties in Brawl was the best idea ever.
VariousFood.jpg This user eats food.
Sonic Taunt.jpg You're too slow !!!

Characters that should be in SSB 4 (under construction)

I only add stuff in this section to pass the time and when I'm bored.

Playable characters



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