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Kirby's Air Ride is underrated.


Welcome. You have visited Ben Simon's user page, also known as Meteorite. If you want to ask any questions on how I'm doing, or on how much I know about Smash, or how much you love Kirby's Adventure, go ahead in my talk page.

About Me

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Smashing career

Although I didn't really have a 'smashing' career. Okay, it was okay, but nothing too special. I participated in 64, Melee and Brawl matches at early 2007. They were 'unofficial' tournaments. No notice in Smashboards whatsoever, but eh, I was doing pretty good. But then I stopped. I don't know, it was either my job, my skill, or my laziness / clumsyness. I now have stepped out of retirement - not really, I just play in Wi-Fi tournaments. I'm expected to form a crew. I seriously need suggestions.

Ike is not cheap

Seriously. All of his moves contain huge lag. Fox is one of the only players that can fully dodge and outrun him. Sonic can too, but he's harder. Now, this guy and her are cheap. Don't forget him.

Kirby's Adventure

You may be asking,

"Oh Meteorite. We know you keep refrencing Kirby's Adventure as the best game ever. But... why?"

Simple Okay, it's a bit complicated.

As said before, it was the first game that officially made me a video game fantic. Everything about it defined the moment of video gaming. It was funny, graphically brilliant (at its time), including some unique and awesome boss fights, had some of the best level design for the NES ever, and, most importantly, it was fun and flawless. There were loads of memories playing this game. Enjoying the music of Vegetable Valley. Going through the Kirby Dream Land- nostalgic level at the end of the game, as well as the Green Greens music. Running throw Butter Building, were no-one could stop me because of my abilities. And that's what struck me. Abilities = most unique, most awesome thing. Ever. Period. Who needs mixed-up abilities or multiple moves when you've got one amazing ability that you can stick with forever. From the awesome back-throw ability, from freezing Waddle Doos, from slamming anything in my path with a giant hammer or slashing guys with my sword, it was incredible. The amazing music made fun levels fun and tough bosses tougher. It was a thrill to enjoy.

SmashWiki Stuff

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List of haters I have (all prankers) I know

You're all childish idiots.

Tier Lists

Super Smash Bros

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1. Kirby

2. Pika

3. Fox

4. Ness

5. Mario

6. Jiggs

7. Luigi

8. Donkey Kong

9. Yoshi

10. Captain Falcon

11. Samus

12. Link

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