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Watt's up?


...Speed of lighting, Roar of thunder...


I Wikes Candies!


Burninating the Peasents!


Koopa Pack, At-...huh?

Subspace luigi

Corn iz No place for teh "mighty" Warrior

Megalon-guy is a gamer, and enjoys Transformers, Godzilla and all sorts of other stuffs. And I have an effinity fer' L33+, so shut it N008Z! I will also point out, terrible spelling! Also, this is only 'Cube related, because I live in a SSBM land of lollipops and I say stuff it, Brawl!

Characters: Samus, Pikachu, Kirby, Luigi, Yoshi

Items: Beam Sword, Ray Gun, PokeBall, SuperScope

Names: DLRD

Stages: Temple, Peach's Castle

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