MechaRain22 here with some odd SSBB Images and info that some of these contributors frogot!

  1. A well-timed air dodge can save you from a Dragoon Attack!
  2. If your not sure what to do after that Peach Blossom, lure those dopes to those peaches and let them have it!
  3. The Best character to use on tabuu through air dodge is Ganondorf -- I even beat him with it in Story Mode!
  4. Sometimes you can slip by Pit's Final Smash if your good with Air Dodges.
  5. Upon knowing final smashes like Mario Finale, Palutena's Army and even Blue Falcon, sometimes you need to act like bait to lure those losers in for the KO!


Queen Dedede

File:Queen Dedede.jpg

Normal attack: Same as King Dedede, but ends with her "Sliceing" her foe back towards the ground

Dash Attack: dishes out a heavy hooksword stab

Power Up Attack: Spins her hooksword in the air

Power Down Attack: Sparta Kick; If hits, She'll say "THIS IS SPARTA!"

Smash Forward Attack: Sends a 200 Mph hammer swing forward

Smash Down Attack: Slams the foe hard into the ground, stunning them

Smash Up Attack: Kicks the foe high into the air and puts a land mine on her foe, which sends the foe flying upward furter

N-Air: Spins her hammer 360

F-Air: Fires a shotgun at her foe

B-Air: Long Sex Kick; Purrs softly if hits

U-Air: Slices upward with both hammer and hooksword

D-Air: Kicks rapidly downwards

T-U: Spins around then gets diszy

T-S: Reloads her shotgun

T-D: Says in perfect Terminatior voice "I'll be back"

B-N: Land mine toss Queen dedede tosses a land mine on the ground, same as Snake's C4

B-F: Bulletface Queen dedede grabs the closest foe and releashes a firey Shotgun bullet at the face

B-D: Waddle Dee Throw Queen Dedede throws a waddle dee, waddle doo, or a banana peel

B-U: Hookacoptor Queen Dedede gains air by spinning her hooksword; good recover move

Final Smash: Waddle Dee Bloodstorm Same as Waddle dee army, but more Doos and a Bloodstorm background

Enter move: Same as King dedede

Kirby look: Dedede hat and purple hair

Winning move: Same as bowser

Losing move: Cries sadly

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