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A CD is an item in Super Smash Bros. Brawl which is to be collected like the Trophies and Stickers. Collecting a CD will unlock a new song for My Music. Additionally, there is a trophy of CDs in Brawl. Like trophies, certain challenges may need to be beaten to unlock specific tracks. There are 258 total in the game, including 31 unlocked via challenges. Like Stickers, CDs will appear in all game modes, and can not be altered via the item switch however, their appearance is far rarer than that of stickers and unlike other items, CDs will only appear for a few seconds before disappearing. It can get extremely difficult to collect CDs on larger stages. According to the CD trophy, once all songs have been acquired, CDs will stop appearing for the player, although the player may still see CDs during Wi-Fi battle if the other players don't have all the CDs. When a CD is collected, it will make a unique sound and the screen will flash. (More...)

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