Hi,my name is Perry Mallett and a owner of ssbm and ssbb.I am a powerful smasher with my three mains;Toon link,Wolf,and Sonic.I have just currentley got all characters on melee and it turns out....meh.Now,trying for all trophies(should be fun D= )


Well my girlfriend broke up with me because of a couple kids spreading something.Right now i am trying to get her back for last month before I go back to England =(.I will not be on frequently for a while now.Okay,my mission is to get all trophies(got every bosse's).Not much really only about 107 trophies-take 10 or more less.I hope to get this done,save to my sd card and give to my friend.


Well right now that's everything,I'll keep you updated as I go.If you want to fight me on brawl my friend code is 1333-6587-7658 and my name is Perry.I will only be on around 5:00 P.M.(my intials lol) atlantic time.I have a couple stages that are used for gliders with spots only they can reach(not even Jigglypuff!).Well thank you for reading,and keep on smashing!

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