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Hi, I'm Masq. I've been playing the Super Smash Bros series since 2004 (I started with Melee), and have still been playing since. I'd like to help this wiki by editing some of the pages that I know facts about.

My History in the SSB Series

As mentioned before, I started playing the Super Smash Bros. Series in 2004, when I started going to Pokemon tournaments at the local library. The library had eight game cubes, that were setup with a multitude of games. However, one of them stood out: Super Smash Bros. Melee. I was intrigued by this game and tried it out. After a large range of failures, I stumbled upon Kirby, whom I played as, because of his easy recovery. I was obviously no good, and when I went home, I decided to get better. I looked at the list of the characters, and chose Mr. Game & Watch to be my main (because 2-D characters are awesome). I researched him, using guides on GameFAQ's, and after some time, I was book-smart to my ears about G&W's play. However, when I actually played as him, I found that I was no good.

I decided then to search for a different main. I tested out characters, and found that Roy was the easiest to play as for me. I was an average player as him, but I like his style of only melee. Naturally, I tried Marth after him, as they were the same. I continued to playing as Roy and Marth for a while, but I found that although I was OK at one on one matches, I was horrible at three-four player matches. I searched for another character yet again.

I had found that Dr. Mario was my guy. He was easy to play as, retained Roy's melee fighting style, and had projectiles. He was perfect for me. I started maining him in fights, and after a while, I dropped Roy for him altogether. Since then, I have been maining him in Melee and still do.

Even though I mained Dr. Mario, I decided to find some alternative characters to play as. I went back to Mr. Game & Watch, now better at the game. I found that I liked his powerful aerial game with his long-ranged moves. I could use them with more accuracy, now that I had a better grasp of the game. He soon became my second main.

In 2007, I had gotten my own Wii. I rushed to get Melee. With it easier to test characters, I found Ness, who I played as a third character. His PSI moves were fun to use and I could KO with him easily, using his Bat. I used these three for a long time until...

In 2008, I got Brawl. I actually got it the day it came out, as I was planning on getting it already, and the day before it came out, I was over at a friend's house for a rather late time. My friend lives next to a Gamestop, so I my family picked up the game sometime after midnight when we were leaving.

When I got the game, I played as my old characters, Ness and Mr. Game & Watch. I was sad that Dr. Mario had been cut, but I found Ness to be a lot better with his extended PK Thunder2 and stronger smashes. However, Mr. Game & Watch seemed different. I couldn't play as him anymore. Now that I look back, it was probably, ironically, the new physics engine that had made me switch characters. When I found that Mr. Game & Watch was high tier because the fact that there was a physics engine, I laughed.

Later on, I went back to Melee. I tried Falco again, now with my attuned reflexes and familiarity with the game. I found that with my quicker fingers, I could play as him better, unlike before. His fast-falling was no longer a problem, and I found comboing with him much easier.

I am currently exploring characters, looking for some to main permanently.


If you would like to fight me, then all you have to do is ask in my talk page. I will accept all challenges. Usually, I would prefer to have a serious brawl, but this does not always have to be the case. The first time I face you however, I would like to have a serious brawl to see how good you are.

In serious matches, I play to a slightly modified version of SSBB's tournament rules. The following are the rules for a serious match against me:

Set Rules

  • 4-Stock
  • Unlimited Time
  • All items off and frequency set to none

Random Stage Switch

(Stages ON:)

If you do not have random stage switch, you may pick any of these from the stage select screen. If you do have random stage switch, always choose random.

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