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#REDIRECT [[User talk:Magiciandude]]
<div class=usermessage>For those who are wondering what's with the not up-to-date information, I was one of the original SmashWiki members before it was merge. Since the merge I no longer see any use I can be use for this site. </div class>
[ Countdown to Super Smash Bros. Brawl release date!]
| name = '''magiciandude'''
| image =
| main = Roy
| 2ndmain = Fox
| other = Luigi
| 2ndother = Link
| crew = '''N/A''' (In the process)
| skill = Veteran (but can't do stuff like [[Wavedashing]])
| alias =
| realname = Erick
| birthdate = February 1991
| location = Florida
| country = United States
Hi! This is magiciandude (real name: Erick). Some of you may know me from GameFAQs, GameSpot, or Wikipedia. Feel free to talk to me in my talk page at any time. I'm currently trying to see if there is a way to make a template for smashers for the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
* Warm-up character: [[Mario]]
* Best Characters: [[Mario (SSBM)|Mario]], [[Roy (SSBM)|Roy]], [[Luigi]], [[Fox (SSBM)|Fox]], [[Dr. Mario (SSBM)|Dr. Mario]], and [[Link (SSBM)|Link]].
* First character to use in Brawl: [[Mario (SSBB)|Mario]]
* Favorite newcomer in Brawl: [[Ike (SSBB)|Ike]]
==Achievements to this Site==
* Added the stage setup templates to the first SSB games (such as [[Hyrule Castle]] and [[Peach's Castle]]. Did the same for the stages for the upcomng Super Smash Bros. Brawl ([[Bridge of Eldin]] and [[Helipad]] for example). Also added image of stages to most of the SSBM stage articles
* Added images of stages to all of the SSB articles.
* I am guy who started the "Role in Suspace Emissary" sections that appear all over the Internet.
==Should I be a Sysop or Not?==
Place your comments [[SmashWiki:Sysop Nominations#Magiciandude|here]].
==True Stories (''Melee related'')==
===Part 1===
'''December 13, 2007''', I stayed after a school for an unofficial tournament. Out of all smashers, not one smasher beat me ''fairly'' (I lost once due to having a messed up controller >_>). I pwned them all like dogs. I didn't find anyone a challenge.
I fought [[User:Hamstermilitary|Hamstermilitary]] with barely any sweat. Sorry man, you'll have to do way better next time. :P
===Part 2===
'''February 21, 2008''': The lunar eclipse from the previous must have given me bad luck. Seriously, I wasn't peforming moves as well as before and never even got to 1st place for once at all. Hamstermilitary even <s>whooped my ass</s> owned. Also on that day, I got grounded for bad grades at school. Such a terrible day it was. ;_;
===Part 3===
'''March 6, 2008'''-We held a Melee tournament afterschool in commoration of then-upcoming ''Brawl'' and as the last Melee tournament. I held a fierce competition in the final battle, but in the end, I won 1st place. Still it was fierce, so I wasn't sure that I was going to win.
==To Do List==
* Volunteer to become a sysop.
* Add some more pics to the Wiki (on the basic terms more precisely)
===Stage Images===
====Super Smash Bros.====
*<s>[[Sector Z]]</s>
*<s>[[Peach's Castle]]</s>
*<s>[[Congo Jungle]]</s>
*<s>[[Planet Zebes]]</s>
*<s>[[Yoshi's Island (SSB)]]</s>
====Super Smash Bros. Melee====
*<s>[[Big Blue]]</s>
*<s>[[Planet Zebes: Brinstar]]</s>
*<s>[[Brinstar Depths]]</s>
*<s>[[Jungle Japes]]</s>
*<s>[[Mushroom: Kingdom]]</s>
*<s>[[Mute City]]</s>
*<s>[[Pokemon Stadium]]</s>
*<s>[[Rainbow Cruise]]</s>
*<s>[[Yoshi's Island: Yoshi's Island]]</s>
*<s>[[Yoshi's Story]]</s>

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