aka ScarFire

  • I live in Republic City
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am an airbender
"Those who use spam, most defiantly do not use skill " -quote from me

Hello people i totally love this game. obviously. it combines awesomeness from a bunch of games. It's like a little kid who spends all day playing different video games and had a mesh dream of all of them the next night. I also love the remix music from all the different games. i never thought Gourmet Race could get so much more awesome, it was already a great song!

My Top 5 Characters I Use In Brawl:

  • 1.Lucario
  • 2.Pit
  • 3.Meta Knight (awwww.... banned? no faiir!)
  • 4.Link/Toon Link
  • 5.Ike

Though i might switch 1-3 around...



Gourmet Race Remix [1] ;)

Also, awesome Brawl tier video: [2]

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