he's got you pined agasint a wall

hi im lucasguy but my favorite charecter is toon link. I live in cincinnati ohio.

My favorite stage is warioware and my favorite song is mona pizza. I have many friends and I hope I make more here.



  • I am 11
  • I am a 6th grader
  • I don't like burger king
  • I don't cuss
  • I am Jacobs second cousin
  • I like pizza/who doesn't
  • I very likable guy
  • I have a cell phone


  • Thats how it happens (win)
  • Arghhh (got K.Oed)
  • Awwww mann (Got hit by a final smash)
  • WHAT!!!!!! [(lose)not often]
  • Starts singing along to the song(winning)
  • EAT IT!!!!!(beat a boss)
  • yessssssssssss(beat a easy person


Add here


  • Has a NES
  • Has a SNES(Mix arond the letters that spellsNess)
  • Has a N64
  • Has a gamecube
  • Has a DS lite
  • Has a Wii
  • Has X Box
  • Has X Box 360

Roy V.S Marth

Why did roy get left out of brawl and marth did not? Roy does more damege than marth and is faster stronger and has a better up-b move. He also looks better. I mean marth looks like quagmire mixed with the beatles(by the way that band rocks). Just to clarife I do not want to get rid of anyone im saying that roy still could be in the game and it would make sense. I mean look at all the other players they could have 1 or 7 representitives from there sieres and still have enough diversity. Roy could be a mix of speed and power. I am tryng to appese everyone. Lucasguy

Mario V.S Luigi

what is up with everyone thinking that mario is better than luigi. i know mario is older but who says he is stronger,faster of even i am a fan of luigi. now if you get mad at me mario fans mario is a good player anyone who can answer this please ANSWER!!!! whats the diffrance between mario and luigi the only thing that is diffrent is the color ,final smash, flame ball and there down B move. why not make a super step bro. or something like that.if i missed anything please tell me. Lucasguy

up for a challenge

just to let people know i have beatin every caracter on level 9 it took me 1 or 2 tries but i am up for a challenge any time excpet holidays

Lucas V.S. Ness

lucas and ness are almost equal almost.lucas is slightly better.he has beter shooting moves and stronger C moves. lets face some facts lucas has some prety cool hair plus who is brave enough to carry around a snake.all you ness fans if you think ness is better please tell me why you think so.

what i consider players to be

/mario/a plumer /luigi/a taller plumer /wario/a biker /peach/a stubern littel girl /boswer/barnie gone bad /yoshi/a geckio /pokemon trainer/a worthless person with out his pokemon /pikachu/a fat rat /lucario/a copy off of mewtwo but still a good player /jigglypuff/a tuff pink puff /kirby/a super tuff pink puff /king dedede/a fat guy with a hammer /meta knight/a blue kirby with a sord and a cape /ike/a fater roy /marth/a weaker roy and ike /ganondorf/a mugger /link/a skilled sords man /toon link/a cartoon skilled sords man /lucas/a cool littel kid /ness/a gay littel kid /captian falcon/a racecar driver /zelda/a quick changer /sonic/a blue hedgehog /r.o.b./an awesome robot /fox/a fox /falco/a falcon /wolf/a wolf /samus/a robot

Capitan Falcon/1 V.S. Ganondorf/2

ok both of these players names are realy long,so i name them as 1 and 2.1 is faster than 2 and some what stronger than 2. 1 is faster at chargeing up there punches than 2.1's punch is FIRE and 2's punch is like SMOKE or somethinng like that i'm just tring to say Capitan Falcon is better than Ganondorf

fox,falco,wolf the same or diffrent

i am a fan of all of these players and at first i was only good with fox.then my cousin jacob told me about melee and he told me about falco i told my mom about it and she got it for me for my birthday i was very happy the first thing i did was get falco and i was good with him at first then i realized they were both the same that is why i was so good with him then jacob told me about brawl and he told me about wolf he was the same too then i asked jacob what the floating balls were he said smash balls and i looked at all of the final smashes and they were all the same i was happy i was good with all of them because i am good wih one of them.

Toon link V.S young link

whats the diffrence between these guys. All i know is that young link has a wooden shield and a smaller sword. I also know that Toon Link is from the gamecube and is cartoony plus huge eyes. Fire arrows are young Links B move but Toon Links is a Normal arrow. The whole thing i say is i think TOON LINK is better!

Why is samus the only one from metroid

some people might think that zero suit samus is another player its just like zelda she changes into sheik but shes still the same person me i am not a big fan of metroid games so i dont know every person in the games but im sure they can think of someone from metroid to put in the next SSB.

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