aka Lemon Muzk

  • I live in Washington U.S
  • I was born on July 21
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • Bio I am part of four Wikis:
    -Fire Emblem
    -Competitive Smash Bros. Wiki

    When I work on wikis, I generally do work with links and formatting

    I’m not a Mega Man main

    I’ve played all the smash games extensively excluding Melee, with my first smash game being Brawl. The two games I play on a competitive level are Ultimate and 64

    Main: Wario
    Secondary: Chrom

    Main: Pikachu
    Secondary: Captain Falcon

    I’m a discussions moderator for the Fire Embelm wiki. My favorite Fire Emblem game is Awakening with Echoes coming into a close second, and throw Sacred Stones into third. My favorite characters are as follows; Stahl, Gregor, Tharja, Alm, Python, Kamui, Eirika, and Franz

    I’m the Bureaucrat and Admin of Rimworld wiki

    I’m also the Bureaucrat and Admin of Competitive Smash Bros. Wiki. My favorite player is Glutonny
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Hello Friends, this is my user page.

I do a lot of link work, and not the character; I'm talking about internal and external links, if you need help with understanding links and when they should be used, just message me on my wall.

Make sure to vote for or against me being a content moderator here.

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