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Oh, and I've survived lung cancer.

Quote o' t3h week:

My friend: "Use a lightning grenade!"

Me: "No, I'ma fight like a man..."*looks at all the Reapers charging*"...WITH GRENADES!"-Me and my friend playing inFamous.

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Favorite Things to Say in Smash

"Bye! Bye! Bye! Bye!"-when I kill a Kirby.

"I'll show you my moves!"-when I'm preparing to kill a Craptain Falcon.

"Kirby Dance, Kirby Dance, Kirby Dance, yay!"-whenever I do the Kirby Dance

"This is not the ledge I'm looking for."-When I gimp a recovery.

"You're too annoying!"-When I K.O. Sonic.


"My box! Give it back!"-When someone steals my cardboard box as Snake.

"IMA SWINGIN MAH FIERY BANHAMMER!!!!!!!"-Great Aether!!!!!!!!

"That's it! gtheksjdkladjlkeanfjeauhefk,auekafhuekafekafuBITCH!!!!!!!"-Triforce Slash!


"Whoops, censor!"-Power Suit Samus...


"Iiiiiii'm... NERFED!!!!!"-Mario Finale

Not srsbsns.JPG This user means hmrs bsns.

Srsbsns.gif This user means srs bsns if he has to, though.

What's with the Plussery?

I won't get Brawl+. Brawl is an amazing game. So what do hackers do? Make it better for tourneygoers and non-casual players. Seriously. What do half of the players in the world care about wavedashing? Or character balancing? Or practically anything that Brawl+ does? My biggest disappointment is about the stage freezing. Suddenly, what made a bunch of the stages unique is gone. Wow. Nice job. I have actually tried it at a friend's house, and it just wasn't as good for me as the original Brawl.


I think that Sandbag should be in SSB4. Will add moveset soon!

Okay, Specials and A attacks first.

AAA: Headbutts. 4% each

Side A: Beam Sword, shorter range. 6%

Up A: Headbutts upwards. 8%, good juggler.

Crouch: Slams head on ground. 7%, a spike on an edge grabbing opponent.

Side Smash: Like a weakened, non-explosive Peach Bomber. 9-18%.

Up Smash: Like Sonic's, but constantly does a somersault, no vacuum. 7-17%

Down Smash: Bashes a hammer head on ground. 14-25%.

Neutral B: Confetti: Charges a radial confetti blast around him. 15-29%, great knockback.

Side B: Bunper: Uses a Bumper to launch sideways. Sandbag does 5%, Bumper does 4%. Decent horizontal recovery.

Up B: Spring: Sonic's Up B, but a bit higher. Spring will fall, and vanish upon contact with the ground. It deals no damage, but meteor smashes if it hits an aerial opponent.

Down B: Lip's Garden: Lip's Sticks shoot up from the ground, dealing 10% and the flower effect. Flowers shrink back afterwards.

Grab: Uses a string of confetti.

Up throw: Tosses, then headbutts upwards. 7%

F-throw and D-throw: Slams on ground. 8%

B-throw: Mario's U-throw, but the opponent goes backwards. 4%.

Pummel: Tightens confetti string. 2%.

U-air: Holds a Party Ball upwards. Long-lasting. 9%

B-air: Swings with Mr. Saturn. 6%.

F-air: B-air, but forwards.

D-air: Makes bottom metal. 9%, 12% sweetspotted. Meteor smash.

Dash: Trips with fan extended. 5%.

U-Taunt: Hops around, as if being hit.

S-taunt: Imitates the feared Weegee stare.

D-taunt: Drops some confetti, hides it and blushes.


Super Home Run Contest: Sandbag gets hit with a home-run bat. His path is constantly redirected by bumpers. Sandbag deals 40% and VERY large knockback on contact with an opponent. Lasts 15 seconds.

Miss any important moves?

Crash Bandicoot

Finally! Here comes everyone's favorite bandicoot!

AAA combo: standard combo in CotT, punch punch spin-lunge punch. 4% each

Up A: Uppercut. 7%

Side A: Lunge punch. 8%

Down A: Like in TwinSanity, bashes Dr. Cortex on the ground. 12%

Dash: Does his classic slide move. 7%

Side Smash: Does Crash of the Titan's Norris Roundhouse move. 15-35% (C'mon, it's the Norris Roundhouse, dude!)

Up Smash: Like in Crash of the Titans, stands on his head and twirls in a tornado. 9-19%

Down Smash: The Double Whammy. Crouch, lunge kick, land, somersault lunge kick. 5-12% 1st kick, 7-14% 2nd.

Ledge: See Dash Attack

100% Ledge: normal ledge, but a lot slower.

N-air: The word-famous spin. Can slow fall. 8%

U-air: Spinning uppercut. 9%

F-air: Throws a bomb, like in CTR and CNK. Does about as much damage as Falcon's knee in Melee.

B-air: You know his double jump from the Crash GBA games? Does that animation, no height gained. 6%

D-air: His aerial attack from MoM. Spins, then rockets downwards. Sweetspots at feet. 10-17%

Pummel: Squashes a Wumpa Fruit in the opponent's face. 2% each.

F-throw: Does his "Jack" move from CotR and MoM, great knockback. 12%

D-throw: Victim suddenly changes into Cortex, who Crash twirls and throws. Based on his TwinSanity move. 9%

B-throw: The Counter from MoM. Crash rolls behind victim and kicks. Low knockback, 11%

U-throw: In MoM, Co-op mode players (for the PS2 version, at least) could quickly teleport to each other. Crash grabs the opponent, does the warp to five feet above, and throws. Gives Crash vertical height, 13%

U-taunt: Says "Whoa!"

S-taunt: Spins, and gets dizzy. Sorta like Toon Link's (OMFG SPIDER) taunt.

D-taunt: Scratches head.

Neutral B: Wumpa Bazooka: Fires a wumpa fruit from the Wumpa Bazooka. 7%, good projectile, works like Samus' Missile.

Side B: Old Skool: Winds self up like a top, and goes along the ground spinning. Works like Egg Roll. 3% per hit.

Up B: Spin Jump: Spins, will rocket upward when B is released. Works like Rocketbarrell Boost. 13%

Down B: Body Slam: Spins in the air, then belly-flops onto the ground. 10%.

Final Smash: Good vs. Evil: Remember how Aku Aku and Uka Uka fought each other during the final battle of Crash Bandicoot 3? Based off that. Aku and Uka Position themselves at the top of the screen, opposite sides. A thin laser beam then connects them, and they advance down the screen (slowly.) It is unavoidable. Anyone caught in the laser will take about 20% per second and is carried with the beam until either:

A. The victim is stopped by a solid floor. Thin platforms do not block you. The beam will continue.

B. An explosion on the beam sends you off. They deal 50%, but minimal knockback. Hey, you might live after all! Has a 40% chance of occuring.

C. The beam carries you to the bottom of the screen. At this rate, your damage wauld be collosal. Even if you somehow made it back to the stage, you probably wouldn't last long, unless the Crash player is a n00b who just got a lucky FS in there. The beam will finish at the bottom of the screen. Crash is dazed during the FS and for about five seconds after.


1. Does the Crash Dance

2. Sleeps

3. Jumps and punches the air


Turns into an angel version of himself and floats up to the sky. Just like his classic death lulz!

Color Changes:


Green Jeans

Red Jeans

Yellow Jeans

Carbon Crash (white fur)

Crunch (darker fur, slightly metallic arm)


AAA: Punch, punch, spin kick. 9% total

Side A: Does his signature sliding punch forwards. 11%, sourspots if Daxter (the orange ottsel) hits, where it does 3%.

Up A: Uppercut. 7%

Down A: Snake's.

Dash: Rolls. Can gather up to 12%.

Ledge: Jumps up the ledge with feet to his sides. Does 8%

100% Ledge: Same as normal ledge, but 6%.

N-air: Spinning kick. 11%, see the Side A for sourspot.

Up Air: Spinning uppercut. 9%, can be used for meager recovery purposes.

Forward Air: Brings up Jetboard, doing an Indy. 10%, lasts a while.

B-air: Like F-air, but rotates around. 13%, lasts.

D-air: Stall-then-fall. Curls up in a ball and plummets downwards with fists extended. 14%

Pummel: Surges Dark Eco through the victim. 4% each.

F-throw: Jumps on them and kicks off. 9%.

B-throw: Rolls backwards and throws them. 9%.

U-throw: Undergoes a Red Eco surge, and throws them upwards. 14%, A VERY high throw.

D-throw: Ike's F-throw.

Up Smash: Crouches, then jumps upwards with feet extended. 16-27%

Side Smash: Like Snake's, but with the Plasmite RPG. 18-31%

Down Smash: Charges up the Wave Concussor, and fires a red shockwave under his feet. 16%, charging only increases range.

Neutral B: Peacemaker: Charges up the Peacemaker. Works like Charge Shot, except Jak can move while he charges. 5-17%.

Side B: Rolling Turbo Long Jump: Rolls, then does a long jump. 3%, great recovery.

Down B: Transform: Transforms into Dark Jak.

Up B: Boost Jump: Rides on a shockwave form the Jet Board. Goes about the height of Spring Jump.

Up Taunt: Dark Eco surges through him.

Side Taunt: Rapidly cycles through his guns.

Down Taunt: Holds out Daxter on his arm.

Final Smash: Ultimate Eco: Jak undergoes a rush of all Eco except for Dark and Light. He is much faster (Blue Eco), all attacks are 10% stronger (Red Eco), is invincible (Green Eco) and all gun attacks are replaced with explosive fireballs (Orange Eco). Also, his recovery is unlimited. Lasts for 16 seconds.

Dark Jak

Jak becomes Dark Jak with his Down B. He is slower, but more powerful. His attacks have bigger range due to the volts of Dark Eco energy that sparks out of him. Only his taunts, specials, and FS are different.

Up Taunt: Bares claws.

Side Taunt: Roars angrily.

Down Taunt: Clenches fists, Dark Eco energy swirls around him.

Neutral B: Dark Strike: Like Peacemaker, but can't move while charging. 6-20%

Side B: Lunge: Lunges with claws extended. Like Flame Choke, grabs on contact and immediately slams into ground. 10%, can be used for Darkicide in air.

Up B: Dark Strike: Spins in air and slowly rises with Dark Eco sparking around him. Works like Spinning Kong. 18%.

Down B: Transform: Transforms into Light Jak.

Final Smash: Dark Bomb: Jumps in the air and slams on the ground, releasing a shockwave with about the range of Puff Up. If hit, 49% and strong horizontal knockback is taken. Makes whole game go Slo-mo for duration. Transforms into Jak immediately after.

Light Jak

Dark Jak becomes Light Jak with his Down B move. Moveset is the same as Jak's besides taunts, specials, and FS. He is faster than Jak, but weaker. He has a quintuple jump with his wings, but can't glide.

Up Taunt: Floats in a beam of bluish light.

Side Taunt: Looks like Force Palm, but no damage. However, it does tiny knockback.

Down Taunt: Stretches wings.

Neutral B: Light Shield: Works like Nayru's Love, but blocks ALL attacks. It lasts longer, as well. 7%

Side B: Slow: Works like Double Team. If hit, he gives the opponent the Slo-mo effect until he hits them, or until 3 seconds are up.

Up B: Light Regeneration: Floats upwards. Does no damage, goes a tad lower than Cypher.

Down B: Transform: Transforms into Jak.

Final Smash: Flash Freeze. Like a larger Negative Zone, but without bonus effects. It lasts longer, and immediately does 20 damage to all hit. Light Jak is free to move.

NOTE: While having a Smash Ball, Jak, DJ, and LJ can't transform. If you try, the Final Smash is triggered. Also, transforming in midair puts them in Helpless state.

Smashwiki User

I felt bored...

AAA: Ike's Best Buddy: 3 hits: swings "I" then "B" then "B!!!!"

Side A: Miles.oppenheimer: Yells "Miles!" and stabs out "oppenheimer"

Up A: Lucasguy: Headbutts upwards with Lucas' hair.

Crouch: Semicolon: hits a semicolon on the ground.

Up smash: Defiant Elements: Like Lucario's, but with a black sphere protruding from hand. Does multiple hits, each with a different element.

Side Smash: Smorekingx456: Like GaW's, stabs with a smore on a stick.

Down Smash: Blue Ninjakoopa: A blue koopa shell spins, before getting up and swinging ninja stars.

N-air: PurpleDarkness: Briefly flashes purple.

F-air: MarioGalaxy: Like Ness', but with a darkish vortex.

B-air: Shadowcrest: Swings a dark cresent behind self.

U-air: Toomai: Waves hand above, glittery energy comes out.

D-air: Linkpwns: Toon Link's D-air.

Pummel: Alex25: Hits with a fork.

F-throw: Shade: Bowser's, then throws a ball of shadow after victim.

B-throw: Paragoomba 348: Traps them and walks into them.

U-throw: Firewario: Like Wario's Up-smash, but with a fire effect.

D-throw: SapphireKirby: Kirby's Down Throw.

Neutral B: Silverdragon706: Breathes Silver energy in two directions. In front does damaging fire, while in back is pushing water.

Side B: The Blue Blur: Like Fox Illusion, but leaves adamaging trail that lasts for three seconds.

Up B: Clarinet Hawk: Blasts a music note downwards with a clarinet, and then flies a good distance diagonally upwards on hawk wings.

Down B: L33tSilvie: Raises the word "1337" to defend self. If hit, it slashes with "Silvie" while yelling either "I see what you did there" or "1 5P34|< 73|-| 1337!"

Final Smash: Banhammer: A random admin name comes forth and traps an opponent. S.U. then takes out a large hammer and repeatedly slams the poor victim. Last hit is an automatic K.O., and can even hit someone who wasn't trapped.

U-taunt: 13375poolr: Rambles on about nothing in particular.

S-taunt: Enigmatic Mr. L: Does a "Loser" sign while wearing a black bandanna over eyes.

D-taunt: Kperfect: Does a thumps-up, with a sparkling smile.

Dash: PenguinofDeath: Slides like a penguin.

Ledge: Cheezperson: Slams a block of cheese on the ground before getting up.

100% Ledge: Ohmygod123: Gets up and yells "OOH MY GOD!!!!!" The sound waves do some damage.


My Favorite Character List


1. Sympathy?


3. Pixar

4. Tangello


6. Sonic the Were____

7. Nagini


9. Internet Explorer

10. Ninten

11. Giant Boar

12. Goku

13. Fatty Man, Fatty Man, does whatever a fatty man does...


14. Piss Kamehameha Bite!

15. The identity crisis of Super Paper Mario!!!!

16. Number 8 With A Mask!

17. FACE RAEP MONKEY OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

18. Shrek Kong

19. Princess Zelda

20. Master Chief's biggest fan!

21. Beep beep

22. What the F*CK did you do to my bread?!


24. Spyro's other side...


26. Gay-man Watcher


27. Poison Ivy

28. Queen 2 Dimensional!


30. George W. Bush

31. MAH BOI!

32. High School Ditz!

33. Shiek

34. Booze

35. Marshmallow

36. The Definition of "Nerfed"

37. Oliver

38. Probably no longer a virgin...


Favor Meter O' |_337|\|355

Good Favor:

Miles.oppenheimer: gave me a warm welcome, I pretty much consider him a mentor figure.

ParaGoomba348: A good friend...on here.

The Blue Blur: See Paragoomba348. Also helped me with the Crash moveset!

Blue Ninjakoopa: A friend. We were enemies, then acquaitances/semi-friends, and now friends. Wierd, but who's complaining?

Strange Favor:

Crystal Lucario: My brother ssteals my account and flames him/her, and I apologized. S/he didn't believe me. Then, she bans me from the Kirby Wiki for, honestly, no good reason. WTF!!??

Hated Enemies:

L33tSilvieMustDie: L33tSilvieMustDieMustDie.

Stupid Habits I Had As a 4-Year Old

  • Confusing Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan frequently. It can happen, people.
  • Crying to my Dad whenever I would die in Crash. Yep, I always have and always will be a Crash fan.
  • Nose-picking.
  • Sharing lollipops...with my dog.