I have been an avid smasher for all my life. For me Super Smash Bros is a lifestyle. Unfortunately, I did not have the privilege of owning SSB for the N64 when it debuted. However I did play everyday at my friends house where I mained Kirby. Later on, during the Gamecube days, I played the shit out of SSBM. I mained Link until about a year before Brawl finally released. I started playing Samus as I found her to be faster, powerful and better tailored to the way I play. Now with SSBB on the Wii more of my life is going into the lifestyle of what is Smash Bros. I've had a tough time finding a perfect main for myself bouncing from character to character. At the moment however, I have been playing quite well as Pokemon Trainer and Ice Climbers as well as a new favourite, Falco.

Main / Favourite Characters





Currently I am starting a crew called Empty Alpha which right now consists of only 5 players. They are: Me (L0ZE), Adam (EGGS), Ethan (Ember), Cody (Cody) and Carston (CARST). With any luck we might get things going enter some tournaments, ya know (((d-_-b))).

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