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==Assist Trophy Battle==
==Assist Trophy Battle==
Quarter Finals! FIGHT 22: [[Waluigi]] vs [[Ray MK III]] - (Please Sign Your Username And A Comma, and PLEASE POST YOUR USERNAME '''BEFORE''' THE <nowiki><br/></nowiki> TEMPLATE)<br/>
Quarter Finals! FIGHT 22: [[Waluigi]] vs [[Ray MK III]] - (Please Sign Your Username And A Comma, and PLEASE POST YOUR USERNAME '''BEFORE''' THE <nowiki><br/></nowiki> TEMPLATE)<br/>
Votes For Waluigi: Kperfekt722, ParaGoomba348, Amycats2, <br/>
Votes For Waluigi: Kperfekt722, ParaGoomba348, Amycats2, Maxiscool, <br/>
Votes For Ray MK III: Runer5h, GalaxiaD, <br/>
Votes For Ray MK III: Runer5h, GalaxiaD, <br/>

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NOTE: There Is A Note At The Top Of My Page

Quote Of The Day: What Time Is It? TIME FOR YOU TO SHUT THE HELL UP! - Kperfekt722

Welcome To My Evil Lair...

I'm The GANONDORF GOD! Other characters I am near-unbeatable with are: Bowser, King Dedede, Mr. Game & Watch, Jigglypuff, Sheik, Peach, Sonic, Marth, Captain Falcon, and Ness, in that order.

There are probably people out there that can beat me, and if you can, I will respect you. If not, I will simply build on my already enormous ego. I know, I'm a Self Loving, Egotistical, Disrespectful, Arrogant, Cocky, Rude, Obnoxious, Crass, "I Am God" Attitude Having, Annoying, Narcissistic Jerk. So, if your here to say that, its already been said, so go complain to someone else.
Oh Wait...
Its Just My Dog...

I say lol alot.

Is it just me or on "That 70's Show" when they show the commercial for "The Omen" is it not disturbingly similar to the scenes from "The Shining"???

lol, I'm a supporter of the movement to make SSB RUMBLE a real game, but not into a remake of Melee or SSB.

I have tried all the control layouts in SSBB (except for the classic controller) and personally, I prefer the Nuchuck+Wii Remote combo, only because it feels like more of a different game then Melee.

I EXTREMELY Favor Heavyweights (Save For Jigglypuff, Ness, and Mr. Game & Watch), And I Use Them Far More Often. Slow And Powerful Is My Game, And It Probably Always Will Be. I Have A Pretty Epic Past With Bowser (Namely The Sudden Death In Super Smash Bros. Brawl Tournament That Lasted 15 Or-So Seconds), And He Is Still Considered My Secondary Overall. Even Above DeDeDe, But Don't Tell Him, Because I Love That Fat Blue Penguin... lol!

I hate Ike because he is slow, his counter sucks, his shield sucks (like I ever use it), he has a terrible recovery for his weight, he has no projectile, his defense/offense raitio is sub-par, he falls fast but not fast enough for you to use it to your advantage, his double jump is bad, and his final smash ABSOLUTELY AWFUL on any stage bigger then Pictochat.

If you try and take me on this will happen: "Ready? Go! HOOOOWWAAAAH!!!!!!!!! GAME!" :D

My friends and family are pretty good too. In order from best to least best my friends (and characters in order from best to least best) go:
1. Graham (Has Beaten Several Numerous Occasions): Link, Samus, Toon Link, Wario, and Olimar
2. Harley (Has Never Beaten Me): R.O.B., Snake, and Bowser
3. Sean (Has Never Beaten Me): Meta Knight, Kirby, and Pikachu
4. Max (Has Beaten Me Once Or Twice): Snake, Kirby, and Mewtwo
5. Sean (Has Never Beaten Me): Meta Knight, Kirby, and Pikachu
5. Rebecca (Has Beaten Me Once): Pit, Pit, and Pit
6. Mark (Has Beaten Me Once, And Only Plays Melee): Roy (98% Of The Time), Dr. Mario, and Mario.
7. Josh (Sucks At This And Will Never Beat Me): Pokemon Trainer.

Characters I feel are overdue to appear as a playable character in any SSB game:

  1. Samurai Goroh
  2. Ridley
  3. Kamek (Representing Yoshi's Island)
  4. King K. Rool
  5. Balloon Man
  6. Waluigi
  7. Jill & Her Drill Dozer

Other Then That...

Snake Ruined Brawl.
That's Right America.
Come Get Me.
Ha Ha Ha, Clouse Rules.

My Sayings

  1. DAMMIT! (Said when I think I have an extra life but really don't and then died)
  2. My God/Oh God/God/Oh My God/Holy Freaking God (Said when I have been KO'd)
  3. Bitch! (Whenever somebody hits me with a powerful attack)(Not Directed Towards Any Specific Player)
  4. *Drops Controller* (Whenever I am KOd directly after I have come back to life)
  5. Everyone Is A Winner. On The Inside. (Whenever I win)
  6. Crap. Crap. Crap. Dammit. Crap. etc. (Each Word Said After I Use A Recovery Move That # Hasn't Gotten Me Back Yet)
  7. WELL ITS EVEN BETTER THE FIFTEENTH TIME! (Whenever Someone Uses Olimars Final Smash)
  8. HOOOOWWAAAAH!!!!!!!!! (While A Warlocks Punch Connects)
  9. FALCOOONE PAAAWNCH! (While A Falcon Punch Connects)
  10. Tee-Hee (Whenever Someone Gets Pissed About Me Getting/Using A Final Smash)
  11. BZZZZ.. BZZUZZZZU.... BZZZMZZZ. BZZZUZZZUZ (Said Nonstop While Holding A Beam Sword)
  12. NO. NO. WE DO THAT OUTSIDE. (Whenever Somebody Pulls A Really Cheap KO)
  13. Stealing Assgoblin... (Whenever Somebody Steals A Bunch Of Coins After/During My Final Smash)
  14. Show Me Your Moves, Show Me Your Moves, Show Me Your Moves! (Whenever I'm Bored. Usually Done In Succesion W/ Captain Falcon During His Taunt)
  15. NO. NO, NO, NO IT'S NOT, NO, NO I HAD LIKE FIVE MORE KO'S THEN THAT. (While Viewing The Results Screen Whenever I Don't Win)
  16. Oh ______ Sucks Anyway... (Blank Space Filled By Character That KOd Me)
  17. WHY? WHY COULDN'T FOUNTAIN OF DREAMS BE IN BRAWL? (Whenever I Pick Random And Get A Stage I Don't Like)
  18. Captain Falcon You... Falcon Ass. (Whenever Captain Falcons Final Smash Misses)
  19. Come On You Know You Love That... Gumball Looking... Thing. (Whenever I Win With Kirby Or Knock Someone Out With Kirby And They Complain)
  20. Max, Shut Up or Shut Up Max (Whenever Max Is Complaining/Said Nonstop XD)
  21. NOOOOOOO! *Drops To My Knees* (Whenever I Lose A Tournament)
  22. STUPID ROUND 4/Round 3 Rocks (Whenever A Sudden Death Goes Badly And Is Very Close/Too Long, Message Me And I'll Explain Through The Mail)
  23. I HIT THAT LIKE 10 TIMES BEFORE YOU DID (Whenever Someone Gets A Final Smash After I Tried To)
  24. Hyrule Jump My Ass! (Whenever I Miss Any Kind Of Hyrule Jump)

My Own Tier Lists


SSB Tiers
Beast Extreme OK Meh, No Thanks, I Don't Smoke

1. Ness
2. Captain Falcon

3. Kirby
4. Pikachu
5. Mario

6. Jigglypuff
7. Luigi
8. Yoshi

9. Link
10. Samus

11. Fox
12. Donkey Kong


SSBM Tiers
Beast Extreme OK Meh, No Thanks, I Don't Smoke

1. Marth
2. Zelda/Sheik
3. Falco

4. Fox
5. Yoshi
6. Ganondorf
7. Bowser
8. Captain Falcon
9. Peach

10. Jigglypuff
11. Luigi
12. Mr. Game & Watch
13. Dr. Mario
14. Link
15. Mario
16. Roy

17. Pikachu
18. Ness
19. Kirby
20. Samus
21. Ice Climbers
22. Donkey Kong

23. Mewtwo
24. Young Link
25. Pichu


SSBB Tiers
Beast Extreme OK Meh, No Thanks, I Don't Smoke

1. Marth
2. Zelda/Sheik
3. Meta Knight
4. Ganondorf

5. Jigglypuff
6. Ness
7. Bowser
8. Captain Falcon
9. Lucas
10. King DeDeDe
11. Squirtle
12. Mr. Game & Watch
13. Wolf
14. Mario

15. Sonic
16. Pikachu
17. Olimar
18. Pit
19. Samus
20. Yoshi
21. Fox
22. Link
23. Falco
24. R.O.B.
25. Luigi

26. Kirby
27. Diddy Kong
28. Ice Climbers
29. Toon Link
30. Ivysaur
31. Donkey Kong
32. Charizard
33. Wario
34. Lucario
35. Zero Suit Samus

36. Peach
37. Ike
38. Snake

My Friends

  1. Zmario
  2. JtM
  3. GalaxiaD
  4. ParaGoomba348
  5. Ike6481
  6. ItemHazard
  7. Mario, the classic man of Nintendo
  8. Amycats2
  9. Shade
  10. Colter111
  11. Xtrme
  12. Oxico
  13. FE 6X
  14. Gusg_09

If you wanna be my friend just add your username!

The Ganondorf Challenge

Well, Everybody Else Was Doing This So I Think I'll Fall Into Peer Pressure Because Its Just Oh-So Cool ;)

  1. Super Smash Bros. Brawl
  2. 3 Minute Match
  3. Team Battle
  4. On The Green Greens Stage (From The "Melee Stages")
  5. You (As Ganondorf, DUH...) vs. 3 Level Nine Computers (Fox, Falco, And Wolf)
  6. No Items (Except For Final Smashes, Set On High)
  7. Beat Them In Your Overall Score By Six
  8. There Should Be No Other Variations Such As Handicap Or Anything Else Like That

I Did This, With The Overall Overall Score Being: Team Starfox -3, Ganondorf +3 BEAT IT. If You Can :)

Failing Attempts:

Winning Attempts:

Sheik Challenge

  1. Super Smash Bros. Melee
  2. All-Star Mode
  3. Very Easy
  4. Sheik (Duh)
  5. No Continues
  6. No Damage
  7. No Changing To Zelda
  8. No Heart Containers

I Did This On My First Try! Beat It... If You Can :)

Winning Attemts:

Failing Attempts:

Assist Trophy Battle

Quarter Finals! FIGHT 22: Waluigi vs Ray MK III - (Please Sign Your Username And A Comma, and PLEASE POST YOUR USERNAME BEFORE THE <br/> TEMPLATE)
Votes For Waluigi: Kperfekt722, ParaGoomba348, Amycats2, Maxiscool,
Votes For Ray MK III: Runer5h, GalaxiaD,

Round 1
Excitebike vs Waluigi
Gray Fox vs Saki Amamiya
Jill and Drill Dozer vs Dr. Wright
Helirin vs Ray MK III
Knuckle Joe vs Barbara the Bat
Tingle vs Nintendog
Stafy vs Spiny
Jeff vs Shadow the Hedgehog
Samurai Goroh vs Devil
Kat & Ana vs Metroid
Lakitu vs Infantry and Tanks
Lyn vs Hammer Bro.
Andross vs Isaac
Mr. Resetti vs Little Mac

Round 2
Waluigi vs Grey Fox
Jill and Drill Dozer vs Ray MK III
Knuckle Joe vs Nintendog
Spiny vs Shadow The Hedgehog
Samurai Goroh vs Metroid
Lakitu vs Hammer Bro
Andross vs Mr. Resetti

Round 3

Quarter Finals
Waluigi vs Ray MK III
Knuckle Joe vs Shadow the Hedgehog
Samurai Goroh vs Hammer Bro
Andross vs Mr. Resetti

??? vs ???
??? vs ???

??? vs ???

Yesterdays Fight!
The Last Chance Battle Royal!
Winner: Mr. Resseti w/ 3 Votes
1. Excitebike:
2. Saki Amamiya: GalaxiaD,
3. Gray Fox: Runer5h, Amycats2,
4. Helirin: JtM,
5. Barbara the Bat:
6. Tingle:
7. Nintendog: Kperfekt722,
8. Stafy:
9. Lakitu & Spiny:
10. Jeff:
11. Devil: Dexington
12. Kat & Ana:
13. Metroid:
14. Infantry and Tanks: ParaGoomba348,
15. Lyn: Xtrme,
16. Isaac: Zmario,
17. Mr. Resetti: ItemHazard, Maxiscool, Tiebreaker Decision
18. Little Mac:
19. Jill and Drill Dozer:
20. Dr. Wright:

Round 1's Review: - Types Still In: Offensive, Passive, Distractive - Welcome To Round 1's Review! A Few Shockers Were In There, Namely Just Lakitu Moving On, And Seeing Kat & Ana and Infantry & Tanks Eliminated That Early Was Also Quite A Shocker... Spiny Defeating Stafy Was Also A Little Bit Surprising. Seeing Isaac And Lyn Lose In The First Round Was Again A Big Shock, But Not Quite As Much For Isaac, Seeing As How He Faced Andross. Seeing Mr. Resseti Beating Little Mac Seemed Surprising But Expected If You Know What I Mean... Minor Notes Include Helerins Surpirsingly Close Loss, As Opposed To (One Would Normally Think) A Blowout. Saki Amamiya Losing Was Yet Another Small Surprise. And Finally, Seeing Barbara The Bat Not Getting Even ONE SINGLE VOTE Also Was Unexpected. After Round 2 We Will Have More Overviews In!

Round 2's Review: - Types Still In: Offensive, Passive, Distractive - Welcome To Round 2's Review! First I'll Start With The Real Shocker: Jill and Drill Dozer Losing! Wow! Grey Fox Losing Was Unexpected But Somehow Feels Right. You Know? It Just Felt Like Waluigi Had Momentum... Unfortunately, Nintendog (The One I'm Personally Rooting For) Lost To Knuckle Joe... And Finally, Seeing Hammer Bro And Shadow The Hedgehog With THAT Much Momentum Was A Shock In Itself! Knuckle Joe vs. Shadow The Hedgehog Looks Promising! It Seems That Might Be The Closest Match In The Quarter Finals! In Closing, It Also Seems Like Samurai Goroh Has Been Getting Off Quite Easy... I Mean, For God Sakes, He Faced The Devil! DEVIL! HE'S HORRIBLE! Um... Sorry About That. Well, After Round 3 (If Goroh Wins) We Just May See A Starfox vs F-Zero Battle! Until Next Time! ;D

Round 3's Review: - Types Still In: Offensive, Passive, Distractive - Coming Soon!


Final Smash Battle Tourney! (2 Months)
Ultimate Pokeball Battle! (2 Months)
Original SSB Charatcer Battle! (1 Month)
Ulitimate Item Battle! (2 Months)
Ultimate SSB Character Battle! (2 1/2 Months)

Full List Of My Systems

Main Systems:

  1. Wii/Gamecube
  2. PS2/PS1
  3. XBOX 360

Seconday Systems:

  1. N64 (Best System Ever Made)
  2. Dreamcast
  3. Xbox
  4. NES

Other Cool Sytems:

  1. Sega Genesis
  2. Super Nintendo
  3. Atari 2600
  4. Plug N Plays (If They Count)
  5. Superjoy III

Full List OF Portable Systems

Main Systems:

  1. Ninendo DS
  3. PSP
  4. N-Gage*

Secondary Systems:

  1. Sega Game Gear
  2. Atari Lynx

Apparentely I'm A Big Fat Cheater


  1. Teleport (SSB)


  1. Chain grabbing
  2. Edge-guarding (ALOT)
  3. Edge-hogging (ALOT)
  4. Projectiles (alot when im using a character that can)
  5. Short hop laser
  6. Spikes (alot)
  7. Shine spike (alot)


  1. Puff Up glitch

All Games

  1. Sacrificial KO (alot)
  2. Stale Moves
  3. Ganging up on one player (e.g. uneven teams)

Outside of the video games

  1. Constantly/randomly pausing (bad habit)
  2. Distracting other players (jokingly)
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