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I'm KP, and I have FORMALLY RETIRED, meaning this place is a fucking ghost town, and because of it, they are turning it into a lame wiki, which is retarded. Let me stress that fanon wikis are retarded... What do you think? Oh right... IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK! I don't check in here every day, so it's better to contact me on AiB @

My Competency Tier Lists

SSB Tiers
Beast Extreme OK Meh, No Thanks, I Don't Smoke

1. Captain Falcon
2. Donkey Kong

3. Ness
4. Jigglypuff
5. Yoshi

6. Luigi
7. Mario
8. Kirby

9. Pikachu
10. Link

11. Samus
12. Fox

Final Smash Tier List

Final Smash Tiers 3.0
Beast Extreme OK Meh, No Thanks, I Don't Smoke

1. Super Sonic
2. End Of Day
3. Critical Hit
4. Triforce Slash (Link)
5. Landmaster (Falco)

6. Landmaster (Fox)
7. Rocketbarrel Barrage
8. Beast Ganon
9. Giga Bowser
10. Light Arrow (Sheik)
11. Light Arrow (Zelda)
12. Triforce Slash (Young Link)

13. Grenade Launcher
14. Super Dragon
15. Landmaster (Wolf)
16. Wario-Man
17. Zero Laser
18. Puff Up
19. Waddle Dee Army
20. Mario Finale
21. Triple Finish
22. Diffusion Beam
23. Negative Zone
24. Blue Falcon
25. PK Starstorm (Ness)

26. Octopus
27. PK Starstorm (Lucas)
28. Iceberg
29. Palutena's Army
30. Power Suit Samus
31. Aura Storm
32. Konga Beat

33. Galaxia Darkness
34. Cook Kirby
35. Great Aether
36. Peach Blossom
37. Volt Tackle

My Proboards Stuff