aka Glenn C

  • I live in North New Jersey
  • I was born on August 1
  • My occupation is Data Entry Specialist
  • I am Male

Big edit: I am sorry for not being here for quite a long time. I needed a break from smash wiki. back and better than ever.

Hi, Welcome to my homepage.

If you want to challenge me to brawl wifi, challenge me on Allisbrawl. I am currently a member of $B, one of the top online brawl clans. Offline I am an above average player with a somewhat bad main. I play very offensivey.

Welcome to my talk page. You will find most of my information on my Smasher:KoRoBeNiKi page besides this. I am extremely knowledgeable about all 3 smash games so if you have any questions on any of the games (especially ssv64 and melee) ask me. I will gladly assist. I am also an above average chess player (1600's in normal, 1700's in blitz). Find me on

My "mission"

I wish to make this wiki a good place for people to see both the competitive and non-competitive side of gaming. This means editing things that do not make sense and making this wiki as proper as possible (outside of userpages...i don't care about them xD). I am also completely for tiers, and I am a fan of getting into debates, so chat if you want, just expect a good response.

So following is who I am good with, not the tier list. I am pro-tier list as I believe a fighting game is impossible to not have a tier list. I personally though believe that the tier list gains bias by regions. I beleive that Jigglypuff is 3rd best in melee or possibly 2nd and was only at 6th place before due to Mango and HungryBox not dominating.

A similar belief of mine is that Fox is the top character in smash 64 and Mario is better than Falcon but since Pikachu is overplayed, Pikachu is above Falcon. This might possibly exist in brawl for the 2nd to 5th spots but MK is overall definitely DA BES.

Smash 64

  • My Best: Yoshi, Falcon, DK
  • High: Samus, Fox, Pikachu, Link
  • Low: Mario, Kirby, Ness
  • Bottom: Luigi, Jigglypuff


My mains are Luigi and Ganondorf followed by Sheik, Samus, Game and Watch, and then Yoshi. I play horribly as Donkey Kong overall. I am getting back into melee.


This is not a tier list, this is my personal aptitude list.

S: My overall best.
A: My secondaries
B: My low tier mains
C: Average joe’s of mine (the average player plays somewhat like this
D: Worse than average Joe’s (my worst of the worst)
M: Manliness Tier
Super Smash Bros Brawl
S Rank . Luigi, Falco, Marth, Snake, Sheik
A Rank Peach, Sheik, Wario, Toon Link, Kirby
B Rank Ness, Captain Falcon, Mario, Squirtle, Charizard, Samus, Yoshi
C Rank Metaknight, DK, Bowser, Pit, Wolf, Pikachu, Fox, Rob, Lucas, Lucario
D Rank Ice Climbers, Dedede, Zelda, ZSS, Diddy Kong, Sonic, Olimar, Fox, Ike, Ivysaur
M Rank Falcon, Snake, Ike, Ganondorf.....................Link..............Luigi

My contributions SSB Movesets (Samus, whoever else is missing)Check SSBM Movesets Check Online servers. Online clans. Online (other). PPS Clan (online SSB Clan which I am part of) Myself xP. Japanese smashers. Minor changes to other pages (if there is wrong info) SSB Taunt Cancel Guide (Smashboards) Brawl stuff Reverting changes and getting rid of "techniques" that don't exist or exist with extremely low DI Brawl bosses/enemies/other chars.

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