Welcome to my user page.

I am an administrator on the forums and a bureaucrat/sysop on this wiki. My main claim to fame here is having created the original SmashWiki circa July 2006, which was later merged with the Super Smash Bros. wiki at Wikia. I don't edit particularly actively, but I do regularly keep tabs on my watchlist and talk page. If you need to talk to me you can leave me a message there.


  • User:Kirby King/Anatomy of an article -- A mock article written for SmashWiki that was meant to serve as a possible style guide.
  • User:Kirby King/Character disambiguation -- A sample disambiguation page that was a potential solution for dealing with generic character pages, which is now for obvious reasons unneeded. I still prefer the notion of using SSB/Melee/Brawl as abbreviations instead of SSB/SSBM/SSBB, as the former is infinitely more readable.
  • User:Kirby King/Goals -- Originally at SmashWiki:Goals, my attempt at outlining the goals that I sought to achieve with the original SmashWiki. It was deleted in the merge, but I've restored it and put it in my userspace for posterity. (I don't know why it was tagged a "guideline," since that implies that it's subordinate to policy, when my intent was to lay out a guide to defining policy.)
  • User:Kirby King/Issues -- A list of concerns I had about SmashWiki in its (slightly) more nascent years. In general I think those particular concerns have been been reasonably well addressed, but needless to say there are other issues abound.
  • User:Kirby King/Scope -- Originally at SmashWiki:Scope, my attempt at establishing what did and did not qualify as notable within the context of SmashWiki. Restored from deletion and moved into my userspace for posterity.