Template:Smasherbeta Hiiii! my name is Kirby0h0 and i loooove SSBB. Guess who my favorite character is..... I am a great contributer to Smash wiki, i've made a number of edits, and I love Kirby!!!! hes da best!!!!

The Eye

ees watching you!!!-----------_

Overmind's eye

Don't look into it too long!!!

My Tier List


40. Pokemon Trainer (he does nothing, haha!)

39. Olimar

38. Jigglypuff

37. Peach

36. R.O.B.

35. Luigi


34. Ike

33. Mr. Game and Watch

32. Yoshi

31. Ice Climbers

30. Mario

29. Wario

28. Ivysaur

27. Squirtle

Low Middle

26. Link

25. Toon Link

24. Sheik

23. Diddy Kong

22. Bowser

21. Fox

20. Lucas

19. Ness

High Middle

18. Sonic

17. Lucario

16. Falco

15. Samus

14. Zero Suit Samus

13. King Dedede

12. Zelda

11. Ganondorf


10. Charizard

9. Donkey Kong

8. Meta Knight

7. Marth

6. Pikachu

5. Wolf

4. Captian Falcon


3. Snake 

2. Pit

and the number one Tier is....

1. Kiiiiiiiiirby!!!!!


  • I main Kirby and Pikachu
  • I dont believe in shielding
  • My favorite color is white
  • I think Olimar should not exist
  • I've only had SSB and SSBB
  • My favorite SSBB music is Boss Battles song 2 and Ike's Theme
  • My favorite stages are Castle Siege, Final Destination, Temple (Meele), Luigi's Mansion, and Shadow Moses Island

Flight of the Conchords

I recently made a Flight of the Conchords Wiki and I'm not that good at being descriptive and adding images. If you can do anything to help it Click here.

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