My all-time favorite Kirby!

Hey My name is King Dedede Kirby and I'm a really big fan of the Super Smash Bros. Series! I've played the very first one a couple of times and I own the second one! You're probably wondering why I named myself King Dedede Kirby. Well, I like Kirby when he's wearing King Dedede's beanie. So I call him King Dedede Kirby.

Characters I main in Super Smash Bros. Brawl

  1. Kirby (Awesome ability to copy brawler abilities and even get a cute hat!)
  2. Ganondorf (He's a major powerhouse! possibly even tougher than Bowser! Not to mention his Ganon Final Smash!
  3. Wario (I just love his Wario Waft move! It's fartastic!)
  4. King Dedede (Having a giant hammer, being able to puff up like Kirby, and can perform Dededecide!)
  5. R.O.B. (Has one of the best recoveries in Brawl! Not to mention he's The Ancient Minister!)
  6. Wolf (Having very unique moves for a clone! He can even use his Wolf Illusion to get back to the stage!
  7. Captain Falcon (Being incredibly fast, powerful, and has an awesome Final Smash cinematic!)
  8. Luigi (Has much better traction than the last game and has a Final Smash that can do a large variety of bad things to his opponents!
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