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Welcome! Remember, this is my page. Leave any questions in the discussion box. Of course, what questions would you ask?



Dont add me without telling me. I also take Mario Kart Wii Challenges, but putting that on my Brawl page seems innapropriate, put it on my Mario Kart Wii page. When I get one. (I'm really good at mario kart wii.)

Current Character

Olimar is the charater Im currentlly playing.


Well, they got a super scope. You know what that means!

Im good at him. Would someone duel me? Ill take anyone. Just ask. You could be a total stranger. I dont care. Just leave a comment on the discussion page.

Favorite Characters


  • I dont remember. I think it was kirby.


  • Pichu
  • (\___/)
  • (。◕ ◕。)
  • (\___/)
  • (。◕ ◕。)
  • (\___/)
  • (。◕ ◕。)
  • Samus


  • Olimar
  • Zero Suit Samus
  • Diddy Kong
  • Toon Link ( Remember when the nintendo website said "No clones"? Yah. They lied)
  • Mario

Favorite bad character


  • I have no idea


  • Ganondorf


  • Luigi

Funny Comics from funny people

I have some more, if anyone wants to see them, just ask.

Joke(s) of the day! Meh, I dunno.

The joke of the myeh is on another site this time, its on youtube from our friends at The Onion.

Not familliar with The Onion!?

The Onion is a sattirical false news program, the updates weekly. NEVER take it seriously. Especially the darker ones.


We did not invent the algorithm. The algorithm consistently finds Jesus. The algorithm killed Jeeves. The algorithm is banned in China. The algorithm is from Jersey. The algorithm constantly finds Jesus. This is not the algorithm. This is close.

Caption(s)of the Day

Its Just so... long...

Warlock Punch

Warllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.......................................... Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssssssstttttttttttttttt.................................. Rahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Is it donnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnne yet???

File:Pikmin blue.jpg
Trophy Stand Trophy

Now, if we could find a trophy stand....

For those of you not familliar, I play as Olimar. So I frequently kill pikmin. Funny how that works out.

Most Anticipated Characters ( I wanna see one of them in the next SSB )

  • Geno
  • Malo
  • A Boy and his Blob- Assist trophy.
  • Navi- Assist trophy (Shed just say HEY! Listen! Kind like Resseti)
  • Magus

Animal Crossing Villager

if $s are beside a move, that means you can take the Villagers net/shovel/fishing rod.

  • Natural A- Punch-3%
  • 3 Consec. A's- Punch Punch, Net$$$ -3% for punches, 4% for the net.
  • Foward tilt- Jabs with shovel$$$- 5%
  • Down tilt- Drops Bells on either side of him - 4% The bells can be picked up if timed well. (There are unlimited bells.)
  • Thrown bell bag - 10% from villager, 9 for everyone else. Breaks on impact
  • Up Tilt - Places shovel$$$ above head-5%


All of these are fully charged.

  • Forward A (Only if the opponent isnt infront of you)- Swings axe, incredible knock back, high start up time(Unless your missing your net. If so, low start up time.), mid lagtime.-28% If the net has been taken, the axe is your normal attack.
  • Forward A (Close Qaurters)-Hits with net$$$- 9%, minor knock back, slightly higher hit stun then most attacks, and has a lagtime slightly shorter then hitstun.
  • Down A- Digs with shovel$$$- 12% if the opponent is hit by the shovel, 8% if the dirt lands on them. Very quick. Very low knock back.
  • Up A- Throws his axe in the air- 10% Very quick. Good smash


  • B- Charges Sling Shot- 2% Min, 7%Max. 2x the range of Final Destination. Can be aimed. VERY SLOW!. Arcs.
  • Forward B- Drops furniture on the floor. Stays after its dropped for 15 seconds, and is used as a platform. A slow move. (Randomized Furniture)
  • List of furniture
  • Modern Table-9%, 1/5th Final Destinations size Flat surface, glass can break, leaving a hollow frame (Only edges can be walked on). KnockBack=Middle
  • Modern Table /w Lamp- 10 Percent, lamp can break,turning it into an item, and glass can break. Knockback=Middle
  • Couch-15%, flat surface,Tables width, indestructable- Knockback-high
  • Toilet- 6% - As tall and as wide as Villager. If an opponent stands in it, they trip more for 15 seconds.
  • Tyranasaur Tail- 20%, 1/3 The size of final destination, Slope, pressing down goes through it.

Note! Furniture can not be dropped off the stage. They do not interfere with grabbing if any part of the furniture covers an edge.

  • Down B- Pitfall - Half as good as normal one. Only one on the stage at once. (If this is used in the air, he drops it, and it is not planted in the ground. If its used on the ground, it is planted.)
  • Up B- Fishing Rod- ZSS's Up b- 8%


  • Neutral- Net$44- Smashes his net on the enemies head, no knockback, deals 6%.
  • Foward- Head Butt- 5% No knockback.
  • Down- Shovel in the dirt (Stone in the sword spoof)- 13%, emits dirt, which deals 1% and has minor pushing effects. Fair Knock back.
  • Up- Axe is held upword- 6% No knock back.

Golden Gear

All gear is turned into gold 15 - seconds.

All Items that were in your inventory return to you if you dont have them. Items Can no longer be stolen, and bells can no longer be picked up. All attacks have x 2 knock back and times 3 damage. Slingshot has the knockback of a normal smash. Attacks with no knock back have times 4 damage. Speed increase. No flinching. Can not suffer knock back. Every time you KO an enemy in this form, your buffs are .5 less, and the second enemy you kill disables the buff, knockback no longer effects you.

  • Furniture Change. Furniture now lasts 20 seconds before disapearing.
  • Super Toilet- same height - anything that steps in this is caught in it for 3 seconds, taking 10% per second, and can suffer knock back if smashed.
  • Gold Couch - Same Height - 25% - Immense Knockback. Opponents who step near this will sit in it for 1 second.
  • Tyranasaur - Size of Final Destination - 56% - OHKO- Can fall through the tail, but not through the head.

Note- You only have the time to pull out one thing of furniture. Golden furniture detransforms with you. Down B is now better then a pit fall, as units cant break out until they are hit, or until you detransform.

Grab has 2x range and no lag time.


Grab - Throws fishing rod outword, large lag time.

  • Upthrow- Shoves shovel beneath enemies feet, and digs them upword. 3%, very weak, set knock back.
  • Down Throw - Holds axe above head, and swings. 7% Horizontal knock back, (Can kill at 80%)
  • Forward Throw- Jabs with shovel - 10% - Kills at 120%
  • BackThrow - Turns around and dereels the fishing rod. 7% - Set knockback.
  • Grab attack - 2% first hit, 1 for the rest.


  • Ledge Attack -Slides- 6 %
  • Ledge Attack over 100 - Swings axe while stumbling over. Mid knock back, capable of killing at 80%. 6%
  • Villager has an increased chance to fall.
  • Speed is slightly faster then wolf.
  • Air speed is fairly low.
  • Timed grabs - Any character can take Villagers items if they hit a at the same time as the villagers attack lands. Items that are grabbed are taken from his inventory, and attacks involving them are switched to empty animations. Some moves have items that cant be stolen. The items stolen are returned if they are picked up by the villager, or if 30 seconds pass, or if the item falls off a cliff.

The reason I made the axe becomes his normal weapon is to preven button mashers. If anyone trys to just mash a, they recieve a huge penalty.

  • Down - Trips
  • Side - Dances as if he's payed off his debt.
  • Up- Eats an apple$$$/peach$$$/orange$$$/cherry$$$. (Random)

If they take an apple,peach,orange, or cherry, nothing happens.

Pallete Swap

  • Default - Tom Nooks working clothes
  • Dirty Clothers - Grey patched shirt.
  • 8 Shirt - White shirt, with a large eight
  • Female - Default, but a girl.

Do you think this character is balanced? If no, tell me why.

The poll was created at 09:37 on August 21, 2009, and so far 3 people voted.

Hopefully hes more balanced. I made a huge nerf.

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