Ahoy o: Tis Kaihedgie, a somewhat regular smasher, but DEFINITELY not one of THOSE guys (y'know the ones I'm talkin' about. >.>). There ain't a lot fer meh to say cause I suck a personal profiles XD

Player info

Characters of Choice

Preferred Stages

Any stage, really, excluding Final Destination

Other Info

Brawl Friend Code


Wii Friend Code

Gettin' to that

Preferred Fighting game series

Mortal Kombat

Street Fighter

Soul series

Misc. Notes

  • Is an MS Paint artist [[1]]
  • Will take commissions for Wii Points
  • Please do NOT talk about this and that about fan-made terms concerning fighting games, 'cause that's just plain annoying. I came to play a game and have fun, not act like I'm in school
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