Hiyaa! My name's Kaabisteru and I come from other forums like NDB and Nintendo Of Finland. You can also call me Kirbster98.

Contributing to Smashwiki for correcting and finding correct resources of some origins of things. I love Kirby-series, and also I've been interested on obscure and forgotten games that Nintendo made and trying to play them through. My favorite game of those obscurities seems to be Japan-only RPG for SNES, Marvelous: Mouhitotsu No Takarajima. (It's the first Nintendo-game famous 3D-Zelda game producer Eiji Aonuma has worked on) I'm very versed with Nintendo, mostly with it's obscurities.

My fanside consist mainly on crossovers. I've grown up with them since I was 8, and for me they're like just as regular thing as usual art or fiction.

But the fun side is that they never, ever get boring. There are always new fandoms to cross over, and see what they concoct together. I'm constantly working on making them successful by doing effort and reading how they were great back then when they weren't treated so poorly.

When not into playing, I write fiction and sometimes fanfiction, and read alot.

Fave Game series:

Nintendo: Kirby, Pokemon, Panel De Pon/Puzzle League, SSB, Yoshi's Island, Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario Galaxy, Kuru Kuru Kururin, For The Frog The Bell Tolls/Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru, Sutte Hakkun, Metroid, Ouendan/Elite Beat Agents, Rhythm Heaven, Wario Land, WarioWare, LOZ, Tingle-series, Nazo No Murasamejou, Stafy/Starfy,Captain Rainbow, R.O.B, Mole Mania, Marvelous: Mouhitotsu No Takarajima.

Sega: Sonic, Pulseman, Puyo Puyo (Compile)

Hudson Soft: Bonk, Bomberman, Doremi Fantasy/Milon's Secret Castle, Bloody Roar

Konami:Twinbee, Gradius, Parodius, Otomedius Ganbare Goemon, Taisen Puzzle Dama, Xexex, Thunder Cross.(I'll be trying my best to attack at new Konami-games, they rock.)

SNK: Twinkle Star Sprites

Jaleco: Plus Alpha, Pig&Bombers/Butasan, City Connection, Game Tengoku

Taito: Kiki Kaikai/Pocky & Rocky, Darius, Bubble Bobble & Rainbow Islands, Arkanoid, Space Invaders Extreme

Treasure: Mischief Makers, Dynamite Headdy, Sin & Punishment

Axela: Star Sweep

Success: Cotton

Other: Umihara Kawase, Keio Flying Squadron-

(I'll be updating this once in a while)

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