Template:Smasherbeta sup to all brawl fans..... like you i am a major brawler and my favourite characters are King Dedede and Bowser who are by far the best.

I am an expert with king dedede and Bowser and can own a lot of people with them. The person i hate most to verse is my friend kieran who is always owning me with ike.

Brawl Info

Giga Bowser and Bowser

5 Favourite (Best) Brawl Characters (In Order):

4 Favourite Stages:

4 Favourite Items

5 Favourite Final Smashes:

Best 1 on 1 Brawl Character:

2 Best Sudden Death Character

Best Team Brawl Character:

Wii Remote Type Used:

  • Nunchuck & Wii Remote

Current Home Run Contest Record

  • 560.5m

Current Endless Brawl Record

100 Man Brawl Record

Cruel Brawl Record

Masterpieces Unlocked

  • All

Characters Unlocked

  • All 35

Stages Unlocked:

  • All

Wolf (SSBB)

Articles I Have Made

Currently I have made 1 Articles.

Major Edits

Final Destination - Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Final Destination

Wolf Landmaster

Wolf's final smash, Landmaster (better than foxes because he is evil)

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  • Joseph

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  • Bulbapedia
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  • Spongepedia
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  • Strategy Wiki


  • Australia


  • South Australia

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  • Aussie Rules Football (AFL)

Sports I Play:

  • Aussie Rules Footy
  • Soccer
  • Tennis


The true king of Brawl, getting carried by his loyal Waddle Dees

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