I is an American smasher who mains as Diddy and Sheik. I have never gone to a tournament before, but have attracted many of my friends such as Xtreme to play regularly at my house. In 1v.1, I will primarily use Snake and Peach. While in 2v.2 I will usually use Marth, Snake or Falco, but I have been known to switch it up (example: using Peach in doubles and Falco in singles).

Papercutt Monthly Smash I

In the Papercutt Monthly Smash tournament I, a tournament on AiB, I placed first out of 8. woot.

My Tiers List

Top Tier
1. Mr. Game and Watch
2. MK
3. Marth
4. Falco

High Tier
5. Snake
6. Toon Link
7. Pit
8. R.O.B.
9. Zelda

Middle Tier
10. Olimar
11. Wolf
12. Pikachu
13. IC
14. Lucario
15. Wario
16. ZSS
17. Kirby
18. Diddy Kong
19. Fox
20. Sheik
21. King Dedede
22. Lucas
23. Ivysaur
24. Ike
25. Link
26. Squirtle
27. Ness

Low Tier
28. Luigi
29. Donkey Kong
30. Sonic
31. Samus
32. Peach
33. Charizard

Bottom Tier
34. Mario
35. Jigglypuff
36. Bowser
37. Yoshi
38. C. Falcon
39. Ganondorf

My Sayings

  • "Blaster Spam Attack!" -Me spamming Falco's Blaster
  • "No, I'm the only one who gets Blaster Spam Attack!" -When Kirby eats me
  • "Would you just... Die?!" -When hit someone with a powerful hit and they return to the stage
  • "Shootness!" -When I make a horrible mistake usually costing me a life
  • "You have to admit, that was pretty ownage" -When I get an awesome ko, usually a spike
  • "Would you let me chaingrab you?!" -When the opponent is comboing me so I can't chain grab him
  • "Stop spamming!" -When a foe Lucas uses PK Thunder to attack or recover

My favorite quote

Gamecrazy, psh, Goodwill supplies all of my gaming needs.


Top 10 favorite pro players

1.Azen(was eggz, but he doesnt play brawl)
5.Afro Thundah
9.PC Chris