Hey everyone, name's Johnknight1. Anyways, I've edited many diffrent pages, and consider myself a avid SWF-goer. You'll see me around many diffrent places, complaining like the n00b I am! XD So ya, that's about it. For more info on me, check out my smash wiki page (smash wiki search "Johnknight1", obviously).

Anyways, you'll find me discussing neccissary improvements, or asking for questions or help a lot on many diffrent things. In SSB64 I main Mario and Luigi, and in SSB Melee I main Fox, Link, and Falco, with a side of Roy and occassional Peach and Ness on the side. I have no idea who I'll main in SSB Brawl, as I am confused, having so many options. Ooptions rock. So ya, that's it (for now...until I'm bored again). Well, that was fun! XD


I can play with or without items, but I prefer no items in Super Smash Bros. Melee, and I don't care in Super Smash Bros. I also once said "I'm comfortable either way, and if my opponent wants them on, I'll have them on. If my opponent does not want to use items or doesn't care, I'll turn items off". I have a self claimed "Uninque and Original Style of Play". He generally dashdances in Melee a lot, and I also said (once) "I dashdance 5 times more often than the average player". I also (once) said "It makes me more comfortable, and makes me more focused, combo better, and overall play better when I dashdance a lot. Plus it can be useful for mindgames."

I also uses many advance techs frequently, but with most outside of anything wavedashing or dashdancing related he pulls out just a bit more then minimally needed. I once said "wavedashing and dashdancing is my main focus. Everything else can sometimes get in my the way of my focus, and my head can be all over the place, and not in a good way." I constantly wavedash and do wavedash combos with Fox and Falco. However, with Link he has a tendency to spam a lot. With characters with good spam attacks, I also say I like to spam to pysical attack combo them, and I claims "it is more useful then you think, and goes beyond damage, into the opponent's head."

I also likes to use wavedashing "to use in just about everyway imaginable, but mainly for spacing and combos". However, I waveland about as much, using it for shorthop combos with all the characters he uses, for A air attacks, combos, and spamming. I primaraly like to have space between himself and his oppnonents for Falco and Link, since I say "Falco's spam is unique, and easier access then almost every other spam attack in Melee." I also said "Link's bombs and boomerange are good when spacing, and when spaced right, they can be a challenge for some of the highest tier characters in the game". I also like to play "A defensive offense game", and play a "prepared game, but still going on instinct".


  • Is self-claimed "Really excited and happy" that his old #2 most desired character for Brawl Diddy Kong is confirmed. He hopes to play him, and at least use him as a thirary character.
  • Is happy that his former #14 Sonic the Hedgehog is playable in Brawl, though he's still unsure who he'll use in Brawl.
  • IS happy that his former #10 most desired character for Brawl King Dedede is confirmed.
  • Is unhappy that Wolf o'Donell's jacket is worn by Fox, and says "he's all but deconfirmed". Wolf was previously #5 on his Top Ten Brawl Hopefuls list, but Johnknight1 says "It doesn't bug me too much. At least he's in the game."
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