This message is to certify that I, Jackton, have a userpage of some description (...what? You already knew...? Bah!) I made an account with SmashWiki because I love Smash Bros., learnt tonnes of info from here, and decided to give back all I could to help those who helped me!

  • I have a Nintendo Public Profile! No one gets to see these at all, so I may a well show the link! It has all of my Nintendo games on that I bought, and nothing else, so, go ahead.

General Smash Bros.


My fave!

  • I indeed play Super Smash Bros. but I have only ever played Brawl. This is probably because I only really recognised the GameCube when it died, much to my dissapointment. And I only really got into Nintendo upon the DS' release. I like most of the game series represented in Smash, so I got it!
  • Link just owns, I bought a Wii purely 'cos Twilight Princess was on it and it had slashy Wii-mote stuff. But Link in Brawl is so bad! His, hem, amazing recovery really reflects his jumping skills in his own games... when he's not on the stage, he's pretty much dead.
  • I like Pokemon but Smash disapointed me. Pikachu has the word "Noob" slapped all over him. Thunder Jolt and Thunder spammers clog Wi-Fi like a...[insert similie here]. I wish people would take their time to learn his other moves.
  • My favourite character is Kirby. Since I played Kirby's Adventure on the Virtual Console, I wonder why I've never liked him before. He has a great recovery and the Hammer owns. It's a shame he's only a flimsy balloon though.
  • I also use Toon Link, Ness, Lucas, Pikachu (minus the nooby bit), Pokémon Trainer and R.O.B. adequately well. Toon Link wiped the floor with Link when it came to the Wind Waker (yup, it's better than Twilight Princess for sure) and he does the same on Smash!
  • I also use Olimar, Mr Game and Watch and Meta Knight for fun. But that doesn't mean I'm bad with them. Olimar's just cool. If you haven't ever played Pikmin what are you waiting for? Meta Knight looks cool, but he's really not. I hate his moves to bits and yet he still finds the top spot.
  • I have finished the Subspace Emissary on Very Hard. Yay. I beat Tabuu on Intense with Kirby, Meta Knight, Pit, R.O.B., Lucas, and Toon Link. It's surprisingly easy.
  • I have most of the SSBB notices. That means, I've finished of it. Just 9 Stickers, and the corresponding trophy, to go! And to finish the SSE on Intense.
  • The SSE on Intense is just...Intense. In 2 seconds, you could have 100% damage. In four, your character's probably been Star KO'd. Or mangled under a mass of Bytan. Got all the Orange Cubes though.
  • The first Trophy I got was the Smash Ball. But what does it mean? I'm commonly known as the "Smash Ball Noob" among friends. Because I pratice combos on breaking it. So it's mine. Always. Lucas' PK Thunder has got to be the best Smash Ball breaking move.
  • Why do SSBB screenshots get saved as .bin files? My camera's naff at taking photos of my TV. I like taking screenshots.

Friend code

  • My Smash friend code is: 4210 - 5695 - 9827
  • My Wii Code is: 2467 - 2834 - 3680 - 9973 (needed to play, but I won't message you or anything if that's what you'd like.)
  • I'm as family friendly as Ninty so I'll let you know all my data:
  • Picture: Kirby
  • Message: I Smell Chicken!
  • Up taunt: Owned!
  • Right taunt: Wheeey!
  • Left taunt: I Smell Chicken!
  • Down taunt: Revenge!

My fave moves

  • Standard neutral: Meta Knight's flurry of slices
  • Side tilt: Pit. Don't ask why.
  • Up tilt: Pikachu. It's great. Really.
  • Down Tilt: Ness. Kickickickick!
  • Dash attack: Kirby. SpinKickickickick!

  • Standard Special: PK FLASH!!
  • Side Special: Hammer. Oooo...yuh!
  • Up special: Aether!
  • Down Special: Thunder. PIKA!!

  • Neutral Air: Kirby. Spin face, spin!
  • Foward air: Kirby. Hmm?
  • Back air: Pikachu. Aaah.
  • Down air: Toon Link. Love it!

  • Grab: Olimar! Huh? Pikmin? Oh well...
  • Down throw: Ness. Zappyzap!
  • Up throw: R.O.B.
  • Foward throw: Lucas
  • Back throw: Um...Lucas

  • Side Smash: Ike. Ooooyah!
  • Up Smash: Lucas!
  • Down Smash: Pikachu

  • Up Taunt: Kirby. Kirby dance!
  • Side Taunt: Ike, "Prepare yourself!!
  • Down Taunt: Captain Falcon, "Show me your moves!"

  • Victory poses:
  • A Kirby dance
  • Lucas pulling the Needle
  • "I fight for my friends."

My tier list

Ok, ok. So I don't believe in tier lists. Instead, I rank my characters by how much I like them. I hate when people put Captain Falcon last! There's no point in me doing something different, my tier list reflects how well I play as each character, and how well I think I match up to others using those characters. Confused? Every tier list is confusing... I removed character's I don't use; what's the point.


I play this guy the best!

  • Lucas
  • Pikachu
  • Kirby
  • Toon Link
  • Ness
  • Pokemon Trainer
  • Ivysaur
  • Charizard
  • Squirtle
  • Olimar
  • R.O.B
  • Luigi
  • Captain Falcon
  • Mr Game & Watch
  • Meta Knight
  • Ike
  • Marth
  • Link
  • Every other character: Meh, I play most other character's with a better-than-average ability.

What...what happened to Animal Crossing?

Seriously, I think this is one of oddest things in Brawl. Every major character is in, even dead ones like Captain Falcon, Pit, Ness etc (I mean, some characters have only ever been in one game or haven't had a game in a while (oh, and I'm saying there's nothing wrong with the characters I just listed, BTW :p).) But Animal Crossing!? Three well known games, plus Japan-only obscurities! There's a stage! With gazillions of Trophy's (ok, like, 15, but still) Who's the fighter? Was there meant to be one? It could've been dead easy too. Oh, and, the diveresety and generic-ness of the character doesn't really enter this, I mean, the Pokemon Trainer's a character too right? So, I decided to do the lad justice, meet, the AC Boy!

AC Boy

Ground Moves

  • Ground Neutral combo: Two swinging punches, followed by a headbutt. Reletively fast.
  • Ground side: Steps forward and pushes. A little like what Ness' dash looks like.
  • Ground down: Balances on hands and lashes both feet outwards.
  • Ground up: Hops into air and waves hand over head.
  • Dash attack: Tumbles down and slides on belly. Like when he trips in the game, only this is an attack.

Aerial Moves

  • Air neutral: Spins around holding arms out.
  • Foward Air: Frontflip, hitting foe with head.
  • Back air: Lashes out right arm and leg backwards.
  • Up air: Backflip, kicking upwards.
  • Down air: Spreads legs and throws arms downwards between them.

Special Moves

  • Neutral special; Slingshot: Loads slingshot. Like Diddy's Peanut popgun. The longer you hold, the faster and straighter the pellet. Rather than exploding at max charge, the string snaps. Low damage, just makes enemy flinch.
  • Side special; Axe: Swings axe powerfully. Rather like Kirby's Hammer. Ground: Start up, then lashes out. Air: Begins behind head, then swings over, spike if hit at the frontmost portion as the axe is lowered. High damage and knockback.
  • Down special; Watering can: Sprinkles water on enemy from at slight distance. Causes a flower to grow on enemies head, but no other damage.
  • Up special; Fishing rod: Like Pikmin Chain and Vine Whip, the AC Boy unleashes the rod diagonally upwards and the float damages the foes. The rod itself does moderate damage if the enemy is hit by it. Can be used for a Tether Recovery.

Grabs and Throws

  • Grab: Pulls out a medium sized Gyroid that grabs at the opponent.
  • Pummel: Headbutt
  • Foward throw: Pushes foe to the ground
  • Back throw: Spins 180 and kicks foe away
  • Down throw: Hits enemy over the head with a bag of Bells to knock them into the ground.
  • Up throw: Lobs enemy up and fires a slingshot pellet at them.

Final Smash

  • Oh my...? Huh? Final Smash? Duh...? Um...

I don't know!!! Um...maybe:

  • Home, Sweet Home: The AC Boy spawns a Mansion from AC (the biggest house) that drastically changes the terrain. Players hit by its rise take minor damage and a little knockback. Then the Boy enters and locks the house, and it begins to rain and its starts to thunder. The enemies are then randomly struck by a select number of powerful lightning bolts that deal heavy knockback. The rain then subsides, the boy exits the house, and the mansion dissapears.

Meh :p Obviously, it'll run through fairly quickly. Even though it's a naff idea.

Other Ledge moves

  • Ledge attack: Rolls over edge at opponent.
  • 100% ledge attack: Slowly clambers up and punches enemy whilst getting up.


  • Up Taunt: "Thinking" pose.
  • Side Taunt: Takes out an umbrella and twirls it, shaking the water off.
  • Down Taunt: Bees swarm round his head and panics, trying to shake them off.

Victory poses

  • "Up Taunt" pose: Changes into a shirt with the Smash Bros. logo on saying "I won!" (the shirt, that is) by doing a backflip (like in the games) then enters the "Thinking" pose.
  • "Side Taunt" pose: Fishing rod pointed at screen, reels in a Sea Bass and shows it off to the screen (like when a fish is caught on the game.)
  • "Down Taunt" pose: Runs onto the screen, and drops into a Pitfall in the Winner's place and pulls a grumpy face.

Alternate costumes

  • Alternate AC shirts


  • Alternate Faces
  • Or a mixture of both...

And stuff!

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