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Hey. ivanornels here. On youtube I'm known as Vaporterra. If you like editing wikias, check these out: i'm also available to chat with so dont be shy. SSBB rules!

For Super Smash Bros 4, this is the roster I’d like to see: Mario series: Mario Luigi Peach Bowser Bowser Jr. DK series: DK Diddy Funky Yoshi’s island series: Yoshi Baby Mario+Baby Luigi (as 1 character) Wario series: Wario Waluigi Ashley TLOZ series: Link Zelda/Sheik Ganondorf Metroid series: Samus/ZSS Kirby series: Kirby MK King Dedede Starfox series: Fox Wolf Crystal Pokemon series: Pikachu Wigglytuff Lucario Blaziken Axew Pokemon Trainer D/P/PT with Chimchar, Grotle, and Empoleon Earthbound series: Lucas Porky Fire Emblem series: Ike Lynn Retro characters: Ice Climbers Mr.Game and Watch Pit Little Mac (if he counts as retro, if not he can still be in) Pikmin: Olimar 3rd Party: Solid Snake Sonic Tails, Knuckles, and/or Amy (depends on how much sonic they want) Crash Bandicoot Others: Isaac from Golden Sun and that one assist trophy from Sin and Punishment Total: 45 if they allow all the Sonic characters I want. Reasons for the ones I cut: Toon Link-I’m sick of Link clones R.O.B.-not quite popular but if in the next installment i’d live with it Marth-seems like filler to me Falco-Nothing more than a clone of Fox; at least Wolf is noticibly different Captain Falcon-hasn’t had a new game since 2004. he’s obsolete Ness-like CF he’s been left in the dust Jigglypuff-not exaclt excluded but i think she should evolve into Wigglytuff and get a new moveset like Sing(regular B), Bounce(B+up), Body Slam(B+left or right) and Light Screen(B+down) What do you think?

My Brawl character rankings

37th-Ganondorf He's strong and can take hits but he's a bit too slow and i hate his delayed A+up attack makes me vulnerable and i try not to do that particular attack. 36th-Sheik 35th-Ness 34th-Lucas 33rd-Link 32nd-Ike 31st-Toon Link 30th-Jigglypuff 29th-Bowser 28th-Ice Climbers 27th-Falco 26th-Fox 25th-Wolf 24th-Yoshi 23rd-R.O.B. 22nd-Donkey Kong 21st Captain Falcon 20th-King Dedede 19th-Sonic 18th-Diddy Kong 17th-Zero Suit Samus 16th-Olimar 15th-Zelda 14th-Mr.Game and Watch 13th-Luigi 12th-Samus 10th-Kirby 9th-Snake 8th-Mario 7th-Wario 6th-Marth 5th-Lucario 4th-Peach 3rd-Meta Knight 2nd-Pikachu 1st-Pokemon Trainer

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