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ItemHazard's Tier List

I've decided to make my own tier list because the tier lists SmashWiki users make is inaccurate IMO.

SSBB Tiers
Top High Middle Low Bottom

1. Snake
2. Meta Knight
3. Mr. Game and Watch
4. Marth
5. Falco

6. Toon Link
7. R.O.B.
8. Wolf
9. Pit
10. Pikachu
11. Zelda
12. Fox
13. King DeDeDe
14. Olimar
15. Ice Climbers
16. Donkey Kong
17. Wario

18. Lucario
19. Diddy Kong
20. Lucas
21. Pokemon Trainer
22. Ness
23. Ike
24. Link

25. Luigi
26. Kirby
27. Bowser
28. Zero Suit Samus
29. Mario
30. Yoshi
31. Peach

32. Sheik
33. Sonic
34. Samus
35. Ganondorf
36. Jigglypuff
37. Captain Falcon

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