HyrulePlayer is a Samus and Link player from Illinois. He had played his friend's copy of SSBM for many years, and recently broke down at bought the game. He eagerly awaits Brawl. In Melee, he has over 200 trophies. Smash career is here. Template:Smasherbeta

My Edits

Real Edits

  • 6/27/2007 - I added the banana peel section to the brawl page.
  • 7/4/2007 -I discovered that Link will have his spin attack in Brawl, as well as his down+A (sword stab).

Supposed Edits

  • Not Really A Beam Sword in Brawl: On June 14, 2007, I thought I discovered SSBB will have the Beam Sword. Look on [1] and look at the picture of just Pit and Mario. By Mario's foot, a beam sword appears to be in the ground, but it's just part of the level.

My Smash Crew

I am establishing a Smash crew in the Chicago suburbs area. It officially began on July 17th, 2007 under the name of Knights of the Triforce. We will always have 3 leaders, one for each piece of the Triforce. I am the courage piece, and other unnamed smashers are the wisdom and power pieces. Still currently unestablished.

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