Template:Smasherbeta Hello... I am Highwaypumpy: Avenger of the Black Hand. It is a pleasure to meet you...temporarily. You can find me making a fool of myself around the wiki. On this page you will never see me make a fool of myself. Or will you? I play (and hack) Super Smash brothers brawl. My mains include Marth and Jigglypuff. I will make you a custom texture ONLY IF YOU HAVE AN IDEA OF HOW TO UPLOAD THEM! DO NOT ASK ME HOW TO HACK! Anyways...I also in engage play of the World of Warcraft. If you ever want to brawl my friend code is... is... erm... I need to add that... In World of Warcraft I play on the server Antonidas. I happen to be very fond of muffins. Especially blueberry and banana muffins. I also gots teh rollback.


What is your favorite type of muffin?

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Steak for Snake is a two-man team consisting of Owlsa and I. Neither of us play as Snake it was named that way merely to mock our friend who named a custom stage Steak for Snake.

Competency Chart

Super Smash Bros. Brawl
IntenseDifficultyIcon-marth Icon-ness Icon-captainfalcon Icon-jigglypuff
VeryHardDifficulty Icon-kingdedede Icon-olimarIcon-ike Icon-wolfIcon-luigiIcon-peachIcon-toonlinkIcon-lucarioIcon-zelda

Rubik's Cubes

I am, as well as a totally awesome smasher (yeah, right), I'm also an above average Rubik's cube speed-solver. My best time on a 3x3 so far is 21.97 seconds and my best average time is 30.77 seconds. I can also solve a 2x2, a 4x4, a 5x5, a 6x6, a 7x7, a pyraminx, a megaminx(on a good day), and a square one(on a good day). As far as rubik's cubes go, they aren't that hard to learn how to solve. Also you might earn a genius reputation (unless you have competition, then you have to work for it and spend a lot of time memorizing stuff). I'll post a solution to the cube here if anyone is interested and I have enough time on it. Either that or I'll add a link. Maybe I'll make a powerpoint and put it on mediafire or something...whatever.

Favorite Quote

"It's a German techno club!"-Weebl Bull


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