Info About Myself

I am a human cyborg. I play 2 instruments, the piano and the trumpet. I am homeschooled and I love it! :D I am VERY old... :P I try and help wikis/talk to people during my free time, and during breaks.

I love helping wikis! I joined Fandom April 27, 2018. I am usually on the Nitro Type and Wikis fixing/helping out/talking, but I'm pretty active on all the other wikis I'm on too.
I joined defly November 2018, but I'm quite experienced (at least in my perspective, lol). I'm a full builder (according to the defly wiki). My highest score ever on Teams is 162,422. On PVP it is 41,280. I participated in the Winter Tournament (Team Event) on the Dark Green Team.
I also play quite a few other .io games including Wormateagardeipdefly, and spinz where I can be found losing to destroying all the other players under the username Hi1123.
Nitro Type

Nitro Type is a game where you have a car and race other players using your wpm as how fast your car moves. I have an average wpm of 105, but I've been focusing on accuracy. This is my profile.

Although my main acc. says I have only completed about 10K races, I have completed 13K races total over all my accounts.

My "signature car" is the MP 427.

I have been second on 24 hours leaderboard during the 2018 Summer Event.

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