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Emoticonology, (abbreviated E.C.), the study of emoticons, is what this page is entirely dedicated to doing. It is the studying of these emoticons and translating them to exactly what they mean to an extensive and in-depth level of meaning. Below is a list of some of the most popular emoticons and what they mean. This originally started in the Sandbox, but was moved here so it wouldn't be eventually deleted. We are always taking suggestions here, to submit new emoticons for the list, try here. Also, a shoutout to PoD for being a great help! Also to RAN1 in helping making the Epic Table of E.C.!!

This is way more helpful than antyhnig else I've looked at. This is way more helpful than antyhnig else I've looked at.

The Emoticons

NOTE: In almost all cases, :, ), ( and _ can be replaced by =, ], [ and . respectively, and most letters can be put in upper or lower case form and not matter. Also, notice (-_-) and -_- are the same- do not post Emoticons that are too similar looking, plz.

The Epic Table of The Emoticons
Emoticon Description
Shows that the person is smiling.
>:) Shows that the person is smiling mischievously.
:D Shows that the person is grinning or laughing. Might also show appreciation towards an action or event.
xD Indicates loud laughter or enjoyment.
:P Shows that the person isn't being serious.
Shows that the person is extremely happy, often because of some sort of personal accomplishment.
^_^ The Japanese equivalent for :). May also indicate sighing.
:( Shows that the person is upset.
Shows that the person is so upset that they are crying or want to cry.
>:( Shows that the person is angry.
:| Shows that the person is uncertain, usually indicating that they don't know how to respond to what has just been said.
:S Also shows uncertain or upset thoughts.
>:| Indicates that the person that is frustrated about what has been said and doesn't know how to respond to it.
Shows that the person is exasperated or frustrated.
<_> A confused look, often one of rather unsure or uncertain feelings.
Shows that the person is tired.
o_o Shows that the person is surprised by what has just happened or been said.
O_O Indicates a greater level of surprise than o_o
Often used to indicate a mixture of surprise and confusion.
-_- Shows that the person is disinterested or disappointed. Also may show that the person is sleepy or tired.
~+_+~ Indicates an overall low amount of anxiety, stress, or tension.
:O Shows that the person is gasping.
>:O Shows a feeling of much shock and anger.
Shows a weakened or defeated state.
:3 Shows a cute cat face, often used to appear to be smiling or to look cute to avoid suspicion or hostility.
:/ Shows somewhat upset or rather, more disappointed feelings or thoughts.
T_T Reveals very annoyed or disturbed thoughts, or possibly crying.
¬_¬ An emoticon showing that the person is concealing a personal thought.
ಠ_ಠ Represents a disapproval of something, could also mean an accusing stare. The equivalent of a raised eyebrow.
☆_☆ Shows feelings of extreme determination, often to indicate trying to get to a goal or to accomplish something.
(ﺒ_ﺒ) Expresses "srs bsns", which is short for serious business; the feelings of not wanting to take things amusing, in addition to trying to show a lack of interest and no desire to promote humor.
@_@ Implies dizziness, lightheadedness, confusion, and/or possibly nausea.
>:# Means the person is trying to stop him/herself from revealing bad words or thoughts.
9_9 An emoticon revealing a smirk and a look off to the side, usually meaning humorous thoughts.
O:) Shows that the person has an angel's ring above their head, meaning they were well behaved.
3:) The person is bad behaved or evil.

The Unknown-icons


  • ._.


  • In the Sandbox, this was originally called The Faces of Evil? for several reasons-
    • Referring to how people may not be sure of what some random scramble of signs and numbers mean, that they might even think of them as annoying, or "evil".
    • Referring to the infamous game itself, The Legend of Zelda: The Faces of Evil, to it's first few lines in the opening cutscene- "Gee, it sure is boring around here...", as HavocReaper48 made the list out of boredom.
    • Also compares the game to the list when it first started- not nearly as good as the new versions today!
  • This list is currently in a state of inactivity, it seems. \/_\/....