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  • Completed Subspace Emissary twice (on two-player with by buddy Toon)
  • Captured five bosses single-handedly
  • Completed Classic and All-Star on Intense with Samus, Luigi and Marth.
  • Am one of the five administrators of the Smash Arena.

Featured Articles

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Tripper's SSBB Tier list
5/5 Somewhere in the middle 0/5

1. Samus
2. Luigi
3. Zero Suit Samus
4. Meta Knight
5. Marth

6. Mario
7. Kirby
8. Toon Link
9. King Dedede
10. Douglas J. Falcon
11. Sheik
12. Falco
13. Mr. Game & Watch
14. Sonic
15. Yoshi
16. R.O.B
17. Ivysaur
18. Pikachu
19. Diddy Kong
20. Lucario
21. Pit
22. Ice Climbers
23. Lucas
24. Ganondorf
25. Squirtle
26. Jigglypuff
27. Ike
28. Charizard
29. Snake
30. Zelda
31. DK
32. Fox
33. Link

34. Ness
35. Peach
36. Wario
37. Wolf
38. Bowser
39. Olimar

Smash Arena

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'Nuff said.

Respected Users

The users here who I respect. The best have reasons.

  • Toon Ganondorf - My good friend. Saved my life. Thank you.
  • Miles - An adept user who is mature far beyond his years, a competent sysop and a true friend.
  • MarioGalaxy - A true friend who is always willing to talk.
  • Semicolon - One of the only sysops who has similar views to me regarding content.
  • Silverdragon/FyreNWater - I respect women in power.
  • Squallinoa 08 - Introduced me to, and let me have influence in the Smash Arena.

  • Alice
  • Y642
  • Shadowcrest
  • Y64246Y
  • Defiant Elements
  • Fried Beef
  • Unknown the Hedgehog
  • Cloned Pickle
  • Sky
  • Pikamander


I have decided to make my own character. Based on the idea of Pichu, behold my new character...Riolu!


Riolu Trophy

Weight: Light

A into A combo: Punches, punches with other fist, short blast of Aura

Forward Tilt: Weaker version of Force Palm

Up Tilt: Thrusts hand up and blue energy shrouds around it

Down Tilt: Low kick

Forward Smash: Same as Forward Tilt

Up Smash: Similar to Captain Falcon's, only four kicks and shorter range

Down Smash: Same as down tilt only more powerful

Neutral Air: Strikes out on all sides with all four limbs

Forward Air: Headbutt

Backward Air: Reverse kick

Up Air: Punch up

Down Air: Kick down

Neutral Special: Aura Sphere: Unlike Lucario's, who charges, Riolu throws a small Aura Sphere.

Forward Special: Brick Break: Solid punch forward. If he catches an opponent, he delivers a powerful blow

Up Special: High Jump Kick: Leaps up. Any one who comes in contact with him during his ascent is launched. If he hits part of a stage before an opponent, he suffers 15% damage.

Down Special: Blaze Kick: Same as Falcon Kick

Final Smash: Drain Punch: Riolu becomes very quick. His fist glows green. During this period, anyone who Riolu's punch suffers from a flower head. Drain Punch becomes his B move until the period ends.

Up Taunt: Uses Bulk Up

Side Taunt: Appears to use Mind Reader

Down Taunt: Meditates

Kirby Hat Design: Riolu's head

Default Colour: Blue-Black

Red: Red-Black

Blue: Default

Green: Teal-Black

Extra: Gold-Black (coloured Riolu)



I love Samus. Unbelievably one of the best fighters in the game.

Zero Suit Samus1

The main reason I love Zero Laser

Luigi tornado 1

Isn't he just hilarious?

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