Hello, I'm gusg_09, or Gus, I've been playing super smash bros for years. I mostly use Toon Link and Lucas and yoshi in Brawls.

My favorite character for super smash bros 64 was:


For Melee:

Dr. Mario, Mario, Kirby, Ness ,

For Brawl:

Toon Link, Kirby, Lucas, Ness, Mario, Luigi, Zelda, Sonic, Meta Knight, and yoshi

My least favorite characters are: Jigglypuff AND olimar.

My favorite game of them all is Super Smash Bros Brawl.

My brawl code is: 3866-8793-0123 If anyone wants to Brawl with me, just leave a message at my talk Mario kart wii code is 0645-6374-9668

YOU CAN ALSO FIND ME here -> [[1]

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