Toon Link's Triforce Slash

Note from Kyoshi1: This is a proposed tier list for ranking final smashes. Opinions on it may be discussed, and the page may be moved as the administrators wish. However, there is no reason Smashwiki cannot have such a tier list if their arguments are well-reasoned. I believe this categorization is worth discussion.

Let me know if there are other objections.

Final Smashes (Tier List)

This is where characters are ranked upon how good their Final Smash is and how easily they can gain final smashes. In short, it measures the advantage characters would have if final smashes were turned on. This tier list looks purely at final smashes and how easily they can be obtained. The level of the advantage is measured. This tier list is unofficial and only applies to Final Smashes.

Kyoshi1 is the author of this tier list, but he has taken suggestions from other contributors into account.

The primary factor is how good the character's final smash is; how easily the final smash can be obtained is typically reserved for cases in which it is difficult to decide which final smash is better (ex: Toon Link's projectiles make him much better at obtaining final smashes than Link, so he places above Link, even though Link's final smash is slightly better). However, if the character is so good at getting final smashes that no one else can really get them when that character is around (ex: Pit's arrows, which can score the final hit on a smash ball with ease), it does not matter as much if other characters have a better final smash. Inversely, if a character can't get a smash ball to save his life (Ganondorf comes to mind), how great his final smash may or may not be is not considered as thoroughly.



Sonic Top High  
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14  
Icon-sonic.gif Icon-olimar.gif Icon-fox.gif Icon-wolf.gif Icon-falco.gif Icon-diddykong.gif Icon-wario.gif Icon-yoshi.gif Icon-snake.gif Icon-zelda.gif Icon-zeldasheik.gif Icon-sheik.gif Icon-kingdedede.gif Icon-bowser.gif
15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28
Icon-samus.gif Icon-pit.gif Icon-lucas.gif Icon-ness.gif Icon-rob.gif Icon-marth.gif Icon-ganondorf.gif Icon-mrgame&watch.gif Icon-toonlink.gif Icon-link.gif Icon-ike.gif Icon-captainfalcon.gif Icon-pikachu.gif Icon-olimar.gif
Low Bottom Fail
29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42
Icon-pokemontrainer.gif Icon-ivysaur.gif Icon-squirtle.gif Icon-charizard.gif Icon-peach.gif Icon-luigi.gif Icon-metaknight.gif Icon-mario.gif Icon-kirby.gif Icon-iceclimbers.gif Icon-donkeykong.gif Icon-lucario.gif Icon-jigglypuff.gif Icon-zerosuitsamus.gif

For this tier list, there are only 5 main tiers, as the final smashes are really only divisible by 5 major categories. There is a "Sonic" tier reserved for Sonic, since he is the only character in the game with a final smash that, in its deadly part, cannot be avoided (provided the user knows what he's doing). The "Fail" tier is for ZSS, since DI prevents her final smash from doing even 10% damage - and it transforms her into Samus, making things worse for her in the long run.

Nolimar is included on this tier list because, even though he has the same final smash as Olimar, he is less capable of obtaining that final smash. Likewise, the PT characters are divided by how capable they are of obtaining a final smash.

This tier list is subject to changes, but a suggestion must be placed first in the talk page; Kyoshi1 will be the one to make the actual changes, after a suggestion is discussed on the talk page, etc.